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For Boogie Butt's latest project, on side A you'll find 3 tracks: Ian Ash's cover of "I Want to Thank You", originally sung by Ms Alicia Myers and here performed by Ella May. Surrounded by fantastic musicians such as Mathieu Karcher, Olivier Magarotto and Jérôme Billeter, it offers his vision of this track with no samples, everything is played afresh. Welcome to Ian Ash's "Boogievision"!

Remix is by the impressive combo of Mr Doris and D-Funk who inject a certain degree of electricity and power into the track via a more digital instrumental and rhythm palette, plus some modern edits and chops.

On the B-side, "Try Again", originally created by Fostin with Jessie Wagner gets transformed into a bright, summery, acid-jazz version. Jessica has toured the world with Chic, Lenny Kravitz , Kid Rock and Duran Duran. Her liquid necter vocals give "Try Again" a sleek elegance that's highly infectious - just listen to those juicy clav sections!

Proper top drawer, connoisseur level, modern boogie. Don't sleep on this! 


Matt says: Ian Ash offers up some stylish covers of two classic boogie tracks with impressive results. Smooth, soulful, summery vibes with maximum positivity.


A1. I Want To Thank You
A2. I Want To Thank You (Mr Doris & D-Funk Remix)
A3. I Want To Thank You - Instrumental

B1. Try Again
B2. Try Again - Instrumental

The Rickie Clark Company

Time To Throw Down

Originally released in 1983 on Becket Records, "Time To Throw Down" is a slick and futuristic bulldozer of boogie-electro. Somewhere between P-funk & boogie, its high voltage electric bass, face slapping drums and creeping tectonic force is one of Paul Thomas' most masterful creations. The bandleader had produced three 12" single's released under the title Circle City Band in 1983-84, one of those records titled "Magic" became extremely popular in the mid1980's, but this record was supposed to be the 4th 12" single on Becket Records.

At the same time in 1983, when Reggie Griffin and Paul Thomas was mixing this instrumental track in L.A, the reverend Rickie Clark originally from Circle City in Indianapolis, came to see them and fell in love with the track, asking if he could used it for himself.

Licensed reissue on dinked 7" vinyl with an alternative edit of the track on the flip. Tasty! 


Matt says: Boogie Butt continue to provide rare-ass boogie and electro-funk reissues on 7". A true holy grail, you'd be looking at dropping at least a ton on this beaut if you were to even lay your eyes on a copy!


Side 1
1. Time To Throw Down (5:01)
Side 2
1. Time To Throw Down (45 Edit) (3:46)

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