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Jane Birkin

The Very Best Of

    Rediscover the whole universe of Jane Birkin. She embodies the femininity of the 70s and brings the vocal signature to the words and music of Gainsbourg. This is the opportunity to dive back into a brilliant and seductive catalogue where elegance rhymes with sensuality.

    A Very Best Of LP that covers the highlights of the career of Jane Birkin. 

    Serge Gainsbourg

    In The Studio With

    Spread over 3 CDs, this collection of 59 tracks, consists of a selection of Gainsbourg tracks (including many new and exclusive versions), interpretations of songs from other performers and a volume dedicated to the music of films is the audio complement of 450 pages of the Gainsbook.

    The result of more than twenty years of investigation and sixty interviews bringing together Serge Gainsbourg's historical arrangers, sound engineers and session musicians, this book sheds new light on his phenomenal repertoire.

    Also available as a 10 track LP.

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