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    Sheepy began life as just Luke Jones. He recorded ten albums in his Liverpool bedroom before playing a pirate radio festival in Ireland where he was spotted by London label Blang. Sheepy is now a trio with school friend Ollie Phillips on drums and Irishman Villy Raze on bass. They have released three singles. Third single ‘Another Day’ was played thirteen times on BBC 6 (seven spins from Steve Lamacq).

    Brix & The Extricated release their highly anticipated debut album Part 2 on 22nd September following on from the early summer release of debut single Damned For Eternity. "Part 2 is a terrific debut album! While having elements of vintage Fall, Brix & The Extricated also bring the raw power of the Stooges, the pop sensibility of prime Blondie, walls of big glam rock guitars and dollops of psychedelia." Dave Simpson (Guardian). Formed by the visionary Brix Smith Start (vocals / guitar) and legendary bass player Stephen Hanley, Brix & The Extricated also features Paul Hanley on drums, which reignites the Hanley Brother powerhouse rhythm section. The addition of Steve Trafford on guitar has brought together these influential, former members of The Fall. Completing the line-up is hugely talented Irish guitarist Jason Brown. Increasing pressure from old and new fans alike to record fresh material spurred Brix & The Extricated to head into the studio, where they laid down 10 tracks. As anyone who has read Brix’s book ‘The Rise, The Fall & The Rise’ will know, Brix is a warrior woman one moment, and the next she’s stripping off her armour and laying bare her open wounds for all to see – and this is precisely what she’s done on the resulting album. Brix vehemently spits out her lyrics over savage sliding power chords over the distinctive Hanley brothers rhythm section. 


    Barry says: Channelling the delicate / loud balance of US grunge, with the perfect songwriting craft of a bloody great rock song, Brix & co. manage to take you on a thrilling but nuanced trip through these established sounds, and a whole lot more. Great stuff.


    2xCD/DVD Info: A special limited edition release of their acclaimed debut album including a 45 minute DVD “UNCAGED” the story of the coming together of Brix & The Extricated. This intimate film documents the build up to the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Part 2”. Documentary maker Daniel Edelstyn captures the band’s collective passion for songwriting and performing as they rekindle the artistic connections that were at the epicentre of a classic era in history of The Fall.

    Sheepy are Liverpool schoolfriends Luke Jones (guitar/vox) and Ollie Phillips (drums) aided and abetted by Irishman Villy Raze (bass). Alarm Bells is their second album. They play highly melodic punky pop. Previous records have been played on 6Music by Steve Lamacq (who played ‘Another Day’ single seven times), Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe and on Absolute by Frank Skinner and Dave Gorman. Two singles have been used on Sky Sports Soccer AM to soundtrack goal compilations. Rocket PR are working a radio campaign and Cannonball PR are running a press campaign. In mid-February album track 15 Songs and accompanying video was exclusively premiered at Louder Than War and Pure Volume (in UK and US respectively) and featured as a Track Of The Week at Team Rock and as a news item at With Guitars. Single Home will be released a week before the album. 

    David Cronenberg's Wife

    Don't Wait To Be Hunted To Hide

    David Cronenberg's Wife continue their psychotic post-punk explorations of the dark side of humanity. “If Nick Cave isn’t unpleasant enough for you, this is treasure”. (TimeOut). David Cronenberg’s Wife are set to return after two years with their most controversial and compelling album to date. Emerging from London’s anti-folk scene, they released their debut ‘Bluebeard’s Rooms’ in 2008 followed by Hypnagogues in 2009. Both albums showed a band unafraid of exploring the dark side - both musically and lyrically - gaining them respect and critical acclaim, with Time Out aptly declaring of their debut: “If Nick Cave isn’t unpleasant enough for you, this is an album to treasure”. Their forthcoming third album, ‘Don’t Wait to Hunted to Hide’, will challenge even their biggest fans confronting head-on as it does the subject of (often male) evil and warped sexuality. The songs take the structure of sneering, sardonic and sinister monologues. Made even more claustrophobic by the stalkerish bass underpinning most tracks and the building, ominous wall-of-sound twanged guitars, present on the album’s opener “Pain Ahead”. Or more perplexingly by tracks such as “The Man at the Back of the Woods” with its superficial pop mudded by an undercurrent of creeping darkness. In its wide open exploration of the nature of evil ‘Don’t Wait to be Hunted to Hide’ may lyrically shock some, but music, like all art, should challenge and push boundaries.

    Hot on the heels of their Dec 2008 top 10 indie chart hit ("God With An Ipod") comes the long anticipated debut album from Milk Kan, an earthy fusion of bluegrass, old-skool hip-hop and late 70s punk with respectful nods to the Ramones, Beastie Boys and Woody Guthrie storytelling. Milk Kan began as a two piece back at the end of 2003; as Scrappy Hood and Jimmy Blade picked up their mothers' guitars and busked to the capital's trains, tubes, and very-late night buses. Following the release of their bedroom-recorded debut in 2004 they swapped public transport busking for the Lower East Side of Manhattan; gigging at local open mike haunts before returning to London and signing a single deal with PIAS Records. Late 2007 saw MK's signing to emerging East London independent Blang – with their long-awaited debut album finally recorded in 2008 after two hard years on the road.

    Milk Kan

    I'm A Nobody

    Milk Kan's latest release "I'm a Nobody" is an uplifting cheer for the ordinary and a shout of encouragement for the unknowns. This energetic old-skool punk-guitar anthem to forget the 'wannabees' and champion the 'neverbees' comes hot on the heels of their Dec 2008 top 10 Indie Chart hit ("God With An Ipod") and second release from their debut self titled album (out 9th March).

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