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Double bassist Jon Thorne (Lamb, Yorkston Thorne Khan), guitarist Peter Philipson (Jane Weaver, Fenella) and singer Nancy Elizabeth (Leaf Label, James Yorkston) lead this inspiring collective whose work explores the intersection between folk, jazz and ambient music.

The album also features contributions from Andrew Wasylyk, Raz Ullah, David A Jaycock and more.

Nancy Elizabeth is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who has released three chamber folk albums under her own name on the Leaf Label. She has also previously played with James Yorkston and recorded with the late ambient composer Susumu Yokota.

Jon Thorne is a double bassist best known as a member of the pioneering electronic band Lamb and, more recently, Yorkston Thorne Khan. He has worked with many other musicians, including Jon Hopkins, Robert Fripp and his mentor Danny Thompson, as well as releasing his own music.

Peter Philipson is a guitarist who has previously performed with Jane Weaver as her guitarist for a decade and has collaborated with her and Raz Ullah on two ambient albums under the artist name of Fenella. He has also released a number of instrumental guitar albums under his PJ Philipson guise.


1. Everything New
2. More Easily (feat. Andrew Wasylyk & David A Jaycock)
3. Divers Searching
4. Drupelet (feat. Andrew Wasylyk & David A Jaycock)
5. Send Love To Nara
6. Landscape
7. No More Rush Hour
8. Look Up Now
9. Something Something
10. For Pollen

Morgan Szymanski & Tommy Perman

Music For The Moon And The Trees

Music for the Moon and the Trees by classical guitarist Morgan Szymanski and experimental musician Tommy Perman is the result of a long-held wish that the two childhood friends would get the chance to create an album together. It's a meditative album; a gentle thing of serene beauty and quiet innovation.

All of the sounds heard on the album were recorded in the woodland surrounding the cottage. There was a childlike sense of wonder as the duo recorded the sounds of the trees, birds, bats and an assortment of found percussion. Convolution reverbs were created by snapping twigs and pinging spruce branches. Much of the music was improvised with live single-take performances by Morgan combined with Tommy's computer generative improvisations.

Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on12" eco-mix vinyl (each copy is unique)

Born in Mexico City in 1979, Morgan was a scholar at the Royal College of Music in London and Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He was the first solo guitarist to be selected by the Young Classical Artist Trust and the first guitarist to be awarded a Junior Fellowship at the RCM, where he completed his Masters with distinction.

Morgan regularly broadcasts live on TV and radio worldwide. He can often be heard on BBC Radio 3 and has recorded to critical acclaim for Sarabande Records and Signum labels.

Tommy is an artist, designer and musician with an interest in the spaces where these three disciplines meet. He has exhibited and released lots of records. His visual work has been projected onto the Sydney Opera House and permanently installed in Edinburgh World Heritage Site historic closes and the National Museum of Scotland.

His recent projects include Emergent Slow Arcs (2019), an audio-visual reimagining of Modern Studies' Welcome Strangers LP for Fire Records, Sing The Gloaming (2020), a collaborative project by Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John and Positive Interactions, an album made entirely from happy sounds sent to Tommy by 50 friends from all over the world.


1. Moonrise (Luna De La Rosa)
2. The Road To The Cottage
3. Danza Del Fuego
4. Canción De La Luna (Homage To Debussy)
5. In The Pines
6. Fibonacci Dusk
7. Pipistrellus
8. Dance Of The Trees
9. Sarabande For The Souls
10. Moonset (Pine Spectrals)
11. Mémento (Homage To Lorca)
12. Down By Paddy's Burn

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