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Dizzee Rascal

Don't Take It Personal

    Undisputed UK music icon Dizzee Rascal returns with the electrifying new album “Don’t Take It Personal”, out February 9th via Big Dirte3 Records Ltd. Standing tall against his best work, the record is a potent reminder of how Dizzee’s legendary status came to be, capturing him in incendiary form as he flows effortlessly through a collection of distinctly UK genres with unrivalled ease. Centred by swaggering flows and formidable wordplay, Dizzee’s latest body of work is yet another victory lap on what is one of the defining rap music legacies, and as the bars continue to rain down, just remember - it’s nothing personal.


    1. Sugar And Spice Feat. ILL BLU
    2. Stay In Your Lane
    3. How Did I Get So Calm
    4. London Boy Feat. Frisco
    5. Roll Wiv Me
    6. What You Know About That Ft. JME And D Double E
    7. Get Out The Way Feat. BackRoad Gee
    8. Here For Now Feat. Not3s
    9. You Can Have Dat
    10. Switch And Explode
    11. Jerk And Jollof
    12. Swerve And Pivot
    13. POV
    14. Tell Me About It
    15. Keep That Same Energy Feat. P Money And Backroad Gee
    16. How Does It Feel

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