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Naomi Pilgrim

House Of Dreams

    This limited edition 12" EP 'House Of Dreams EP' feature 2013's singles ‘No Gun', ‘Rainmakers’ and’ Money’, freshly pressed on vinyl for the very first time.

    Perfect harmonies, irresistible drum patterns and beautifully executed melodies - Naomi Pilgrim’s new single ‘House of Dreams’ hits all the right spots right from the word go. Her previous singles ‘No Gun’, ‘Money’ and ‘Rainmakers’ have propelled Naomi to be a recognised force not only in Sweden but across the globe, and her new single will be no exception.

    From Sweden to Barbados and back. From the West Indian heat to the Scandinavian coolness. Naomi Pilgrim is all of that and more. After years of lending her voice to others and playing other people's music from behind the decks, it is time for Naomi Pilgrim to take the leap towards her own solo career. A warm sunny beach in the back of a dark nightclub is where she takes form. Hard knocking beats, balearic choirs and gritty soul vocals - it is time to step out in to the limelight and let it all out. Then all we have is music. Written in collaboration with Naomi, Fredrik Okazaki and fellow Swedish singer-songwriter Dante, ‘House of Dreams' heart pounding beat will make you hit the repeat-button over and over again.

    I Ching

    It's Me / Drive

    I Ching is Rollo Smallcombe and Kevin Emre. The pair met at art college in London and soon after started to make music together.

    Although writing as a duo, the band play live as a four piece, adding Andrew Ford (keys) and Tom Jones (drums) to the line up. They currently write from a home studio in Finsbury Park.

    I Ching are influenced by pop, the avant-garde, 60s psych and Turkish garage, as well as early 80s synthesiser music. With an emphasis on colour and texture in their sound, the songs are written and produced to probe the imagination and imagery inside the listeners’ head.


    A: It’s Me
    B: Drive

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