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Heart Of The Artichoke

    Recommended if you like: Hand Habits, Slow Pulp, Frankie Cosmos, Lomelda, Lucy Dacus, Big Thief.

    “Bloomsday’s Iris James Garrison makes achieving sonic bliss look easy.” Consequence of Sound

    Produced by Ryan Albert of Babehoven; features vocals from Babehoven, Richard Orofino, h. Pruz. Mixed by Henry Stoehr of Slow Pulp.

    'The way Bloomsday’s Iris James Garrison writes songs feels like somewhere between a mirror and a memory. Spacious, full-bodied folk songs, they are an ode to things that are good no matter how small; they sometimes feel like the ghost of a Mary Oliver poem. Bloomsday’s new record, 'Heart of the Artichoke', is a relic of unfettered creativity and community. They recount the miracles of the mundane, the memories that become sacred, an ode to all that is holy: nightswimming, songs plucked from the ether, the ways friendship can endure.

    Like earlier Bloomsday songs, the work here is threaded with warmth; it’s simmering, crisp and deeply human, an encapsulation of the present moment. Recorded across 10 days in June 2023 in upstate New York at duo Babehoven’s studio and co-produced by Babehoven’s Ryan Albert, with mixing by Henry Stoehr of Slow Pulp. The record was built out with a wide ranging group of collaborators, including inventive drumming from Andrew Stevens (Lomelda, Hovvdy), Alex Harwood, Richard Orofino, Babehoven’s Maya Bon, Hannah Pruzinsky (h.pruz, Sister.), and Chris Daley. It was an insulated and collaborative experience: all family dinners on the back porch, bonfires, feeling a full sense of joy, of friendship, of purity in the artistic self.

    Collaboration is an integral part of Bloomsday’s musical process. Garrison is malleable in the studio, their songwriting generous and spacious. But in listening to the record, there’s a sense that Garrison leaves room for the players, for the listener; for songs to find the shapes they’re meant to take. Garrison’s role as maestro is crucial, singular – it’s a collaborative, exploratory spirit harnessed by Garrison’s intuition, and by an honest commitment to carve out creative space for play, to delve into what’s known – or pushing past that, into unknown. “The ghosts of the past still come up and haunt me,” Garrison says, “but I sit in what I have and see it. All of these songs are about loved ones, about personal struggles with getting out of my head and being present.” Heart of the Artichoke was written from a healed, matured place – written in a moment of safety from chaos. It’s a prayer for the present, an appreciation of tenderness and what happens once we give ourselves the space to really see, and really feel – becoming free and whole – an ode to the way healing allows us to bloom.


    1. Where I End And You Begin
    2. Virtual Hug
    3. Dollar Slice
    4. Artichoke
    5. Look After
    6. Night Swim
    7. Carefully
    8. Bumper Sticker
    9. Object Permanence
    10. Old Friend



      For Fans Of: Angel Olsen, Sam Evian, Youth Lagoon, Kevin Krauter, Whitney, Tame Impala, MGMT. Through his project Lionlimb, New York-based singer/songwriter/producer Stewart Bronaugh crafts unfurling soundscapes that feel mysterious and otherworldly, yet timeless and nostalgic at the same time. He presents his most ambitious vision of these inner vistas on his new album, Limbo, arriving May 24th on Bayonet Records. Inspired by a palette of '70s Italian film soundtracks, '60s girl group music, and funk and soul ballads, Bronaugh brings these influences together to invent an immersive sound all his own with help from close collaborator Joshua Jaeger, whose live drums bring a rawness to Limbo's meticulously layered production. Led by the smoldering single "Dream of You," featuring Angel Olsen, Limbo taps into universal themes of romance, longing, and loss, while still offering a hazy escape from our present reality. Bronaugh penned the songs with "classic" songwriting in mind, transforming his personal struggles with grief and addiction into love songs. Using images inspired by nature (like the sun, moonlight, hurricanes, and deep water), he expresses being overtaken by a force greater than himself, as the psychedelic production evokes a sense of being plunged into this vast landscape. Limbo benefits from its eclectic influences, as Bronaugh overlays sitar-sounding guitar on top of funky basslines, melodramatic string arrangements, and fuzzed out guitar, making for music that could easily belong on Twin Peaks just as much as a Western cowboy film. An album of duets, Limbo features a host of female vocalists Angel Olsen, Ewa Synowiec, Justine Orrall, Bri Abram, Zoey Huynh, and Taylor Belle who each add a textural counterpoint to Bronaugh's understated vocal performance. "I think about vocals as just another instrument," he explains. "When we first tried to have someone else sing, I liked it, because I felt more akin to a producer than a songwriter." There's a dreamy quality to how these singers trade off with Bronaugh, both parties expressing his inner emotions. Limbo is a culmination of Bronaugh's years of production experience, as he composed, produced, and mixed the project almost entirely by himself, with additional recording from Robin Eaton. Always inspired to make bold and experimental choices that capture his instincts in the moment, Bronaugh's production style is informed by "wanting to do the weird thing that engineers wouldn't approve of," as he describes it. "My favorite part of making music is the mistakes." 


      Dream Of You (feat Angel Olsen)
      Two Kinds Of Tears
      Nowhere To Hide
      Til It's Gone
      You Belong To Me


      Can I Go Again?

        RIYL: Estelle, Mamalarkey, Crumb, Men I Trust, Faye Webster, Clairo, Taphari, Childish Major, Samia, McKinley Dixon, Arlo Parks, Anjimile.

        "Benét does a great job of using the instrumentals in their music to better capture the feeling they want to convey." - Flood Mag.

        'Can I go again?', the debut full-length album by Richmond, VA-based singer-songwriter Benét (Benét Nutall) is a diverse collection of contemplative, tightly-crafted indie-pop, rock, and soul tracks as emotionally resonant as they are immediate and infectious. These tracks are equally worthy of processing heart break, gaming with your friends, or finding strength in solitude growth in time requires an embrace of seriousness as well as unbridled, shameless joy.

        Benét’s debut EP, 'Game Over' (2021), was an honest effort at self-reflection through electronic dance and disco atmospheres the titular question of their debut album serves as a reset on the arcade game with more knowledge, maturity, and assurance as Benét moves into more organic instrumental accompaniment and refined songwriting. The ebullient and sharp guitar riffs and driving bassline of “Insensitive” lift Benét’s vocals as they sing about feelings of nervousness, desire, and ultimately overcoming both with assuredness. Benét gets to flaunt satisfying personal growth in “Overpowering” over a smooth bassline and strutting beat. “No Alarm” offers another look at Benét’s lyrical vulnerability, moving back and forth between self-consciousness in the verses and a shimmering string emphasized certainty in the chorus.

        Benét’s music has always been influenced by the environments around them and the people who they choose to create with. The album is a result of roughly three years of writing and recording at various times with different groups of friends and musical partners in Richmond, VA with Jacob Grissom, Christian Lewis, Neal Perrine, and John Trainum, in Philadelphia with Kyle Pulley and Danny Murillo, and in New York with Carlos Truly.

        'Can I go again?' is about taking and recognizing time, growing deliberately, and expressing delight and nervousness with confidence. Benét uses Can I go again? To work through their own place amidst inspiring, confusing, difficult, and beautiful human connectivity and present these unforgettable, catchy, emotional songs with the hope the audience can listen and do the same.


        1 The Real Me
        2 Missn’ Out
        3 Overpowering
        4 No Alarm
        5 Things Change
        6 Insensitive
        7 Facts
        8 If It Happens Again
        9 Lose U
        10 Try (Alt Version)

        Dirt Buyer

        Dirt Buyer II

          Joe Sutkowski (Dirt Buyer)’s new album is a documentation of making it to the other side. Sutkowski grew up in New Jersey, and although he lives in Brooklyn now, he remains “an emo kid at heart,” garnering inspiration from bands like My Chemical Romance and Muse, the latter of whose theatrical, dramatic performances inspired the band’s own vocal forward, soaring takes. Initially working together as a duo while Sutkowski and Ruben Radlauer (Model/Actriz) were at school in Berklee, the band’s self-titled 2019 debut album was recorded on an IPhone in their practice room on just drums and guitar, and the quietly striking, nuanced stylings earned them accolades far beyond the “fake record label” the two made up to originally release their music.

          The band’s new album, Dirt Buyer II, was recorded in February 2020, and represents a foray into heavier material that marks a deeper shift for the band. Now working as a trio, Sutkowski is flanked by Tristan Allen on bass and Mike Costa on drums, a fellow Berklee grad who cut his teeth playing in bands across Boston including past collaborations with Sutkowski. Half-recorded while the band was on tour with Surf Curse, the record finds Sutkowski reaching out for places, people and beliefs to ground him. Throughout the album he attempts to wrap his head around the idea of fate and how you can brush up against other people and then leave them behind. The songs themselves play with this concept of light and dark intertwined. Oscillating between urgency and cathartic release and more stripped-back elegies, Sutkowski faces the reality that while the people he’d rather forget can still live on through music, he is able to move on at the same time.

          Half-recorded in his mother and uncle’s upstate house where he turned the living room into a studio, he contemplates the beauty and disaster around him all refracted through visceral visual imagery of how the physical earth meets the unknown to converge in something greater than ourselves. “This is all a living chronicle of all I want to do, which is feel good and be happy,” he admits. “I’m a completely different person now a better version of myself.” Processing the past, Sutkowksi has emerged with newfound belief, fully intact and with a new path forward to the future.

          RIYL: My Chemical Romance, Muse, Model/Actriz, Home Is Where, Microwave, Peaer, Pile, LVL UP, Cloud Nothings.


          1. Dirt Buyer II Theme
          2. Heavy
          3. Sand
          4. Gathering Logs
          5. Fentanyl
          6. Tears My Heart In Two
          7. Shame
          8. Heartache
          9. Wicked Branches
          10. Heaven
          11. Sounds Heard Through The Glass
          12. On & On

          Beach Fossils


            Recommended If You Like: Wild Nothing, DIIV, Real Estate, New Order, WAVVES, Mac Demarco, Best Coast, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Craft Spells.

            Brooklyn bedroom-pop trailblazers Beach Fossils’ new album 'Bunny,' is a triumphant return for one of the 2010s most influential NYC bands. 'Bunny' is a precise blend of the luscious dream-pop atmospheres they notoriously honed on their earliest projects, the post-punk vigor expressed on 'Clash the Truth,' and the warm, sophisticated songwriting of 'Somersault.' Composer Dustin Payseur peppers the album equally with descriptions of the joy of fatherhood and the existential pleasure of smoking cigarettes out of a car window with friends - 'Bunny' features Beach Fossils' most personal lyrics to-date. This is a collection of new favorite tracks for fans of every era of Beach Fossils. Releasing on Payseur and his partner Katie Garcia’s own label, Bayonet Records, 'Bunny' will prove to be the culmination of a decade's worth of growth and experience.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Liam says: Here at Piccadilly HQ, it's well known that we're purveyors of jangly indie - with Beach Fossils being one of the bands we've always come to champion over recent years. However, when we first heard 'Bunny' floating along the shop speakers, we knew we were in for something special.

            Lead single “Don't Fade Away” is Beach Fossils at their very best - a perfect indie-pop track whose infectious melody you'll be humming non-stop. Similarly with “Sleeping On My Own” and “Tough Love”, tracks that have so much jangle they'll scratch any C86 (or should I say C23) itch. Elsewhere on the album, “Anything Is Anything”, “Feel So High” and “Numb” all skirt the line of treading into shoegaze, with the latter culminating in an expansive and rousing wall of sound. “Run To The Moon”s slide guitar results in Slowdive-meets-country (yes it works), whilst “(Just Like The) Setting Sun” is a shimmering slice of dream-pop. As for “Dare Me” and “Seconds”, both fit nicely into the garage/post-punky sound Beach Fossils carved out on their second record ‘Clash The Truth’.

            With Beach Fossils' music in the past, there was always a sense that Dustin Payseur was making music that explored the nostalgia of a period he wasn't able to experience firsthand. But with 'Bunny', Payseur is able to look back at Beach Fossils as a whole and reminisce on a nostalgia that he himself created. In turn, this results in a flawless Beach Fossils record that is undoubtedly their best yet.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Sleeping On My Own
            2. Run To The Moon
            3. Don’t Fade Away
            4. (Just Like The) Setting Sun
            5. Anything Is Anything
            6. Dare Me
            7. Feel So High
            8. Tough Love
            9. Seconds
            10. Numb
            11. Waterfall

            Beach Fossils

            The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads

              Inspired by a love of artists such as Bill Evans, Lester Young, Chet Baker and Vince Guaraldi, Dustin Payseur reimagines some of his greatest hits from the Beach Fossils catalog alongside a group of formally trained jazz musicians. A rich and mellow mix of piano, saxophone, upright bass and brushed drums explore the contours of familiar songs, soaring Payseur’s melancholic harmonies to new heights.

              Recommended if you like: Chet Baker, Norah Jones, Kamasi Washington, BADBADNOTGOOD, Wild Nothing, DIIV, Kevin Krauter.

              "improvisational jazz, classical music, and Stereolab... his songwriting owes more to loop-based composition than garage-bound woodshedding." – Pitchfork.

              TRACK LISTING

              01. This Year
              02. May 1st
              03. Sleep Apnea
              04. What A Pleasure
              05. Adversity
              06. Down The Line
              07. Youth
              08. That's All For Now

              Kevin Krauter

              Full Hand

                Kevin Krauter’s newest album, ‘Full Hand,’ determines to be a vulnerable and honest statement from an artist exploring the boundaries of their craft. Following his 2018 debut, Krauter’s second full-length album picks up where ‘Toss Up’ left off but at a noticeably more intentional pace. 

                On his sophomore album, Full Hand, Indiana musician Kevin Krauter tackles complicated emotional states and ideas through elliptical songwriting that is at once poetic and truthful. “A lot of the lyrics touch on how I was raised religiously, touch on me understanding my sexuality more and more in recent years,” Krauter says, “just growing up and becoming more confident in myself...that process of looking inward and taking stock of myself.” It’s not especially uncommon for artists to probe deep into their own psyche to uncover what makes them tic, but Krauter’s light touch feels like something all his own.

                On the album’s first single, “Pretty Boy,” he sings, “Look ahead, say I see me now / Smiling at what used to stress me out / Cause it won’t be too long, but I’ll take my time with it / It won’t be too long till I come back home.” There’s a palpable sense of joy in Krauter’s acceptance of dire, stressful moments, and a liberation that comes from hearing him realize that the present will eventually be the past, and he’ll be able to look back and find peace. 

                TRACK LISTING

                01. Intro
                02. Opportunity
                03. Patience
                04. Surprise
                05. Kept
                06. Intermission
                07. Pretty Boy
                08. Piper
                09. Full Hand
                10. Treasure
                11. Green Eyes
                12. How

                Beach Fossils

                Clash The Truth

                  “Clash the Truth is Payseur evolving, the band shifting in a direction that’s probably unlike what they previously imagined themselves moving toward.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND // “Beach Fossils have found a balance that’s better than anyone could have hoped for.” EXCLAIM // Beach Fossils’ sophomore album, Clash the Truth, is modern post-punk triumph that’s left a lasting impression on the music scene it was born out of. After releasing their self titled debut and the beloved EP, What a Pleasure, songwriter and composer Dustin Payseur began recording dissonant and introspective demos reflecting on his southern upbringing and young adulthood in New York. The tracks that would eventually make up Clash the Truth involved Payseur taking his songwriting in a new direction, employing jagged instrumentals, existential lyrics, and socially conscious subject matter. The darker themes of Clash the Truth still come out vibrant through bright guitar tones, locomotive drumming, and Payseur’s inventive home recording techniques. Referencing the sounds of Factory Records releases, New York’s no wave scene, and 90’s avant-pop, Beach Fossils expanded their sound past the perimeters of bedroom dream pop. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  01. Clash The Truth - 2:03
                  02. Generational Synthetic - 2:45
                  03. Sleep Apnea - 2:26
                  04. Careless - 3:03
                  05. Modern Holiday - 1:21
                  06. Taking Off - 3:09
                  07. Shallow - 3:17
                  08. Burn You Down - 2:57
                  09. Birthday - 2:52
                  10. In Vertigo - 3:20
                  11. Brighter - 0:33
                  12. Caustic Cross - 2:41
                  13. Ascension - 1:30
                  14. Crashed Out - 3:25 (Demos)
                  15. Clash The Truth - 2:11
                  16. Generational Synthetic - 2:48
                  17. Sleep Apnea - 2:22
                  18. Burn You Down - 3:07
                  19. Birthday - 3:08
                  20. Caustic Cross - 2:37
                  21. Vertigo - 2:31

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