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Australia Stops

    Sydney Northern Beaches' very own hard-biting rockers C.O.F.F.I.N are proud to announce their fifth full-length studio album entitled 'Australia Stops', the highly-anticipated follow-up to their monumental 'Children In Finland Fighting In Norway' album from 2020. Due for release on September 15th 2023 via Bad Vibrations in Europe, the new album comes off the back of the band’s world tour with Amyl and the Sniffers in 2022, and their recent UK headline dates this May where C.O.F.F.I.N stunned audiences with the high-intensity rock action they are renowned for.

    'Australia Stops' was recorded in January 2023 at The Pet Food Factory studio with producer Jason Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb) behind the desk. A record that showcases a collection of diverse and gripping new works that highlight the band's evolution into more melodious, 1970's Australiana and boogie rock and roll. Frenzied, high-voltage guitars, thumping rhythms, flowing melody and clever, captivating lyrics exhibit an undeniable progression in composition and songwriting, while still unmistakably the C.O.F.F.I.N that fans world-wide have come to worship over their 18-year lifespan.


    1) Give Me A Bite
    2) Cut You Off
    3) City Sun
    4) Keep It Dark
    5) Lover's Leash
    6) Beasts
    7) Australia Stops
    8) Factory Man
    9) Night Breaker
    10) Through The Sewer
    11) Faceless


    New World Artifacts

      ‘New World Artifacts’ is the debut album from Rouen, France-based group Unschooling, arriving following their 2021 ‘Random Acts of Total Control’ EP and 2019’s ‘Defensive Designs’ tape. Out October 6th via Bad Vibrations, it’s a collection of lo-fi post-punk clocking in at 30 minutes, underscored with subtle pop melodies and structures but never far away from bouts of chaotic no-wave dissonance. Here, Unschooling claim loud and clear their desire to return to a sound which is less calibrated, less obvious. As they themselves write, “New World Artifacts is an ode to the unexpected, a tribute to many art rock bands who are always where you least expect them.” Already heralded as one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the new school of post-punk revivalists, having spent the last couple of years playing to busy crowds and festival fields across the continent, ‘New World Artifacts’ might just mark them out as the best in class.

      The Unschooling quintet, as referred to on the album’s collage artwork, is made up of Vincent Fevrier (Vocals/Guitar), Damien Tebbal (Bass), Paul Morvant (Guitar), Marc Lebreuilly (Guitar/Synth) and Thomas Fromager (Drums). Although their music might revel in discord, it is a calculated one. The musicianship is complex and meticulous, hardened by their time spent together playing on the road. For ‘New World Artifacts’, additional musicians were also brought in to expand the sound in new ways, including saxophonists Levi Gillis (The Dip, Beat Connection) and Emeline Morisset (Les Agamemnonz), and Kyleen King (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, My Morning Jacket) on strings.


      1) New World Artifacts
      2) Public Transit
      3) Erase U
      4) Brand New Storm
      5) Excommunicated
      6) Ribbon Road
      7) A Hundred Spires
      8) Trauma
      9) Shopping On The Left Bank
      10) Mom's Work Force
      11) The Goose


      Behavioural Sink Delirium

        ‘Behavioural Sink Delirium’ is the new studio album from MADMADMAD. Powered by their wild live parties and rooted in the sounds of mutant disco, post-punk and experimental electronics, the London-based trio’s third LP is released via Bad Vibrations. Arriving following 2019’s ‘Proper Music’ and 2020’s ‘More More More’, ‘Behavioural Sink Delirium’ was recorded and produced by Eddie Stevens (Zero7, Moloko, Róisín Murphy) in his Fulham studio. “We locked ourselves away for ten days and recorded 30 hours of music, all played live in one room, and only edited to create arrangements”, MADMADMAD recall. The result of those sessions is nine unhinged techno-dystopian freak-outs that mark the trio out as a truly singular group.

        ‘Behavioural Sink Delirium’ takes its name and inspiration from the 1968-70 ‘Universe 25’ experiment by American ethologist John B. Calhoun, looking at the behavioural effects of population growth in a ‘rodent utopia’. During the studies, a perfect space was built for a colony of 3,000 mice to thrive in, with constant food and water supplies, cosy apartments and no outside threats or predators. Starting with 4 females and 4 males, the population grew rapidly before capping at a number of 2,200. At this point, a living nightmare ensued, filled with antisocial and violent mice as the utopic conditions began to collapse.

        The mice formed violent cliques and social hierarchies, cannibalism started becoming common practice and the population started plummeting to eventual extinction. Calhoun coined this tipping-point the “behavioural sink” effect, and it’s this state of societal breakdown that the trio tap into on the record. “You can easily see the link with our species in terms of overpopulation, but also with the Internet medium or ‘metaverse’ and its overproduction of data, causing tremendous societal, mental and environmental shifts. What was supposed to cater for most of our needs has also turned on us. Delirium kinda states the air of it all, and the folly of the music.”


        1. A Gin, No Tonic, Mannheim
        2. Krautjerk
        3. You See, You Do It Like This
        4. Totes Amazeballs
        5. It's A Cat
        6. Deckchairs
        7. Flute And The Hobo
        8. Baggy Bag Bottoms
        9. In The Garden Of Mezcal

        Baby Cool

        Earthling On The Road To Self Love

          Marrying psychedelic pop with folk and a touch of country, 'Earthling On The Road To Self Love' is the sublime debut album by Brisbane, Australia-based artist Baby Cool – the latest side project by Nice Biscuit co-front woman Grace Cuell.

          Cuell says of the record, which follows her debut single 'Magic' and tours with Babe Rainbow and The Lazy Eyes: “The songs on this album are deeply sentimental. I have a lot I need to sing about to help me make sense of this earthly pod I have been gifted. If in singing these words out loud, I can help others find solace in knowing that we’re all out here flailing about in the cosmos, then it feels good to me.”

          Recorded with Sam Joseph (Family Jordan), the songs on 'Earthling' were brought to life with the help of Jess Ferronato (Nice Biscuit), Nick Cavendish (Nice Biscuit) and Drew Heyden (The Flamingo Jones): "I had such a beautiful community of friends that helped bring this whole thing to life. There was magic and love in every part of the process of creating this album.”


          Barry says: Grace Cuell's new album perfectly mixes the hazy saturated sounds of 60's psych-folk and jangling indie-rock seamlessly and without missing a beat. There are moments of stripped-back beauty here but also a keen ear for the just-in-time layered soundbath of Barrett era Floyd or Jefferson Airplane.


          Side A
          1) The Sea
          2) Mother Luna
          3) Altar
          4) For Us
          Side B
          5) Poison
          6) Country Song
          7) Interlude
          8) Magic
          9) Daydream

          Dinked Edition Flexi-Disc
          1) Daydream (Stripped-Back)

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