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Number 4 in Jex's "Bad Timin'" series is here, featuring a quartet of proggy house tunes perfect for your late night club set, clued-in radio show or pumped-up gym session.

"Pneumatic" rides those 90s rhythms and gated synth lines proudly, harking back to an authentic free party sound that should keep the original Castlemorton crew gyrating in their reading glasses. "Catalytic" employs some more dreamy tones, yet retains that up-all-nite energy. When those spine-tingling breakdowns immerge I'd be surprised if there's a static jaw across the entire dancefloor.

"Molecools" introduces a bouncy, UK house flavour on side B with fizzy stabs and gated vox trailing through another solid array of house beatz. Finally, "Catalytic Conveter Mix" concludes with a suitably end-of-night glow - it's hefty beats complimenting the drifting hypnotic musical elements beautifully. Play to a rising sun for maximum effect!

RIYL: Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Regular Fantasy, Sasha & Digweed, Fantazia, open air free parties etc etc.


Matt says: Jex Opolis treads the on trend trancy and proggy ley lines to create a day-glo'd fist-pumper that'll make you feel like your smoking sputnik in the back of a VW Commer circa '94; lost in the English countryside whilst a speaker stack the size of a bungalow pumps out ecstasy friendly hits.


1 Pneumatic
2 Catalytic
3 Molecools
4 Catalytic Converter Mix

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