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Ornette Coleman

Friends And Neighbors: Ornette Live At Prince Street

    This is an unusual album in the catalogue of Ornette Coleman, and one that passes by most critics. It is however a unique insight into the ‘free jazz’ pioneer’s way of working in the early 70s. Recorded at his large loft space in downtown New York which inspired a whole scene of experimental musicians who were locked out of playing established venues.

    The music is a romp showing Ornette playing trumpet as well as saxophone. His quartet which featured second saxophonist Dewey Redman alongside long term cohorts Ed Blackwell and Charlie Haden prove to be the perfect foil for this legendary set.

    This is the first vinyl reissue in nearly 20 years and utilises a fresh 24/96 transfer from the original production master.


    Side One
    1. Friends And Neighbors - Vocal
    2. Friends And Neighbors - Instrumental
    3. Long Time No See
    Side Two
    1. Let's Play
    2. Forgotten Songs
    3. Tomorrow 

    Gil Scott-Heron

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

      This 1998 LP brings together some of Gil's best work: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", "The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues", "Lady Day And John Coltrane", "Pieces Of A Man", "Home Is Where The Hatred Is", "Whitey On The Man", "Did You Hear What They Said" and more. It's an all-star line-up of musicians too, with Hubert Laws, Bernard Purdie, Brian Jackson and Ron Carter in the list. A great place to start your GSH collection.

      Gil Scott-Heron

      The Revolution Will Not Be Televised / Home Is Where The Hatred Is

        Two tracks lifted from Gil's classic 1971 album 'Pieces Of A Man' back to back on A BGP 45. With its angry, spoken word vocal 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' went on to inspire the likes of Public Enemy decades later, while the track's low-slung funk groove has always made it a dancefloor favourite. On the flip 'Home Is Where The Hatred Is' is a jazzy soul / funk anthem with some of the best lyrics Gil ever wrote. 


        The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
        Home Is Where The Hatred Is

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