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Circles EP - Repress

    * The Info is taken from the original sales sheet in 2014:

    Jet-setting Irish duo Bicep return to Will Saul's Aus label with two steady analog techno grooves ready for deployment in either their own wildly celebrated sets or those of any DJ looking for modern dance tracks that are still faithful to the classics - this is techno that hasn't forgotten where it came from, essentially.

    Using gritty, vintage-sounding rhythm sections as solid foundations, each track gradually builds up its own lush, melodic embellishments overtop - "Circles" stays true to its name with a cyclical main melody, shadowy bass and fuzzy house pads, whereas "NRG106" sets spacey, dramatic chords and breathy vocals against the insistent, chittering machine percussion.

    As usual these two esteemed bloggers / DJs / artists / all around polymaths prove themselves to be paragons of taste, but here it's clear that they are also steadily growing as producers, taking on different styles with aplomb and making it all look much easier than it really is.


    A1. Circles
    B1. NRG106


    Stash EP - Repress

      Aus Music non-stop. Not quite content with already chalking up two of the biggest EPs of 2013 so far from Midland and Dusky, Aus return once again with yet another release you’ve been waiting for - the return of Belfast’s biggest sons, Bicep.

      The London-based duo of Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar had a breakthrough year in 2012, four years after the pair's Feel My Bicep blog first began. The past year has seen them play in more than a dozen countries, including major gigs across the US, China and, more recently, Australia, with particular highlights including a peak time set at Berlin’s haloed

      Panorama Bar and capacity crowds at both Sub Club and Trouw. In addition to the release of “You/ Don’t” on Aus, the boys also inaugurated their own imprint with the Visions Of Love EP, whilst "$tripper", which was released through Love Fever, came in at number 35 on RA's top 50 tracks of 2012 poll. Further to that they scooped the award for DJ Mag’s Best Breakthrough DJ, supplied Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space show with an exclusive mix of unreleased material, remixed Ripperton’s “Let’s Hope,” and all the while maintaining the DJ treasure trove that is their blog.

      Across the EP they take things a little deeper, delving into a different area of their own personal taste. What's presented is an overall more lo-fi style and broader approach, drawing from a wide range of influences including King Street Sounds, HBO's The Wire and Aphex Twin.


      A1: Stash
      A2: Courtside Drama
      B2: The Game

      Will Saul’s Aus Music label is now into its tenth year, and with that, fittingly enough, comes its landmark 100th release. For this special occasion, the ever evolving label has put together a comprehensive 24 track quadruple vinyl and triple CD compilation. 'Aus 100' will feature new and exclusive tracks from the boss as well as key family members Bicep, Midland, Huxley, Deetron, Nick Hoppner, Pearson Sound, Youandewan, Marquis Hawkes, Gerd, Sei A, Bwana, Fold, Shenoda and Appleblim & Komon. 90% of the label artists who have ever released on Aus will contribute, and design comes from the man behind the label’s original identity, Michael Place. Not a bad achievement, then, for what actually started as a sub label of Simple, with the short term aim of putting out music from two of Saul’s friends, Fink and Lee Jones.

      Over the last decade Aus Music has never really had a certain sound, but has always operated on the more underground, bass driven end of the house spectrum. It has worked with big names and has excelled at peak time tracks, but has also helped break upcoming artists from Joy Orbison to Dusky via Midland and George Fitzgerald. As a result, it has become one of the most prominent and on point labels of the day, and is now supported by infrastructure from !K7 such is the volume of its output. 


      CD 1 - Continuos Mix By Will Saul

      CD 2
      1 Bwana - VVedding
      2 Komon - Euclidean
      3 Cottam - Brand New Dub
      4 FOLD - All City
      5 Marquis Hawkes - No Rush
      6 Timothy Blake - Soul Without Shame
      7 Shenoda - Minute
      8 DJ October - Drama Queen
      9 Pearson Sound - Standoff
      10 Nick Höppner - Pneuma
      11 Appleblim - Twinkle
      12 Midland - Decompression Suite

      CD 3
      1 Huxley - Bisto Inferno
      2 Sei A - Wan Hunner
      3 Bicep & Hammer - ARACARI
      4 Sideshow - Yek Do
      5 Youandewan - Sicko
      6 Breach & DJ Dust - Win Ugly
      7 DJ T. - Under The Radar
      8 Deetron - Cycle
      9 Will Saul & DJ October - Dimension One
      10 Trevino - Shimmer
      11 Komon & Will Saul - Circadian
      12 Lee Jones - Nocturne

      A1 Komon - Euclidean
      A2 Cottam - Brand New Dub
      B1 FOLD - All City
      B2 Marquis Hawkes - No Rush
      C1 October - Drama Queen
      C2 Pearson Sound - Standoff
      D1 Nick Hoppner - Pneuma
      D2 Appleblim - Twinkle
      E1 Midland - Decompression Suite
      E2 Bicep - ARACARI
      F1 Will Saul & DJ October - Dimension One
      F2 Trevino - Simmer
      G1 Deetron - Cycle
      G2 Breach & DJ Dust 'Win Ugly'
      H1 Youandewan - Sicko
      H2 Komon & Will Saul - Circadian

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