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James Taylor Quartet

Man In The Hot Seat

    A bona fide legend of the acid jazz / jazz funk scene, James Taylor returns with a stunning new James Taylor Quartet orchestral record 'Man In The Hot Seat'. A sonic collossus of a record, particularly when listening on vinyl, it ties together the effortless melodic funk of the quartet, the fullness of sound that only an orchestra can bring, with James’ love of classic film soundtracks. Created and recorded with the musicianship and production mastery we have come to expect from JTQ this is undoubtedly one of the best sounding records you’ll hear in 2022.


    A1. Man In The Hot Seat
    A2. The Danzig Connection
    A3. The New Money Spyder
    A4. Don’t Mess With The Champ
    A5. Cold War Etiquette

    B1. Murder On The Vaporetto
    B2. Diametric Opposition
    B3. The Gravedigger
    B4. Time For Revenge
    B5. Night Garden 

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