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Various Artists

Underground Screams

    "Underground Screams" is a collection of new Asian Man artists from around the world. Asian Man owner Mike Park listened to over 600 demos of underground acts and chose everything from ska, punk, mod, hardcore and indie and shoved it on this compilation. Features tracks by Pama Intl (London), The Common Place(Minneapolis), Clarendon Hills (Berkeley, Ca), Dead Letter Dept. (Toronto) and loads more.

    Dan Potthast

    Sweets And Meats

      Best known for his work with MU330 Dan Potthast has made quite a name for himself with these oddball, quirky stripped down songs. Strong melodies, intelligent lyrics, and great musicianship. Fans of Weezer, MU330, and anything inbetween will go crazy over this.

      Various Artists

      Asian Man Records Presents - Mailorder For The Masses

        29 great songs for £4.99! COME ON! Here's the latest Asian Man Records sampler, tracks from Link 80, Alkaline Trio, MU330, Colossal, The Lawrence Arms, The Chinkees and all the usual Asian Man suspects.


        Samurai Shot

          Japan's Nicotine have been playing their punk rock sound since 1993. It's high octane, deft Nippon niftiness. Asian Man Records bring you a compilation of tracks from their Japanese releases, over 70 minutes of music altogether. Influenced heavily by the likes of NOFX (same instrumentation - two guitars, bass and drums) this is no holds barred hardcore punk.



            EE hails from San Francisco, California and features Soo Young Park from Seam on guitar / keyboards and Tobin Mori ex-Korea Girl on guitar / lead vocals. The sound is very reminiscent of Seam in many ways. It's not the usual sort of Asian Man skacore sound, being more in a emo style with slow burners developing into epic rockers.

            The Chinkees

            Searching For A Better Future

              From San Jose, California comes the third full-length release from Asian Man's best skacore outfit The Chinkees. "Searching for a Brighter Future" is a forceful mix of rock-steady, ska, and punk rock. Dealing with a plethora of topics from enforced prostitution of Korean women in World War II to family struggles and racism, the band combines political energy with the smooth sound we've come to expect from this class act.


              Ultra Panic

                MU330's seventh full length release is chock full of their own distinct brand of high energy skacore. "Ultra Panic" has the band playing more ska than any of their previous albums. With the help of organist Chaz Boy and saxophonist John Paul Camp III lending their talents, it is obvious after one listen that this is perhaps one of the finest ska releases in the last ten years.

                The Plus Ones

                It's A Calling

                  New Asian Man signing featuring ex-Mr T Experience singer Joel Reader and ex-members of the Pansy Division. Pretty much straight up rock with the characteristic Californian sound of ringing guitars and a big drum / bass sound similar to Weezer.


                  A Go Go

                    Fancy a dose of crazy Nipponese ska core? Well this is the one for you. This is Potshot's fourth full-length release on Asian Man Records. The album has been out for almost a year in Japan and has sold over 100,000 copies. More of that pop sound that makes everyone smile, as well as lots of oohs and ahhs to go with that big brassy ska sound.


                    Live From Chicago's Fireside Bowl

                      This is a very special show by a very special band! Slapstick were one of the biggest punk rock bands to come out of Chicago. They broke up in 1996, at a time when every major label wanted them. The band re-united in 1997 for a one off reunion show and this is it. Featuring 14 tracks, rare photos and interview clips.



                        Asian Man Records new signing - Coquettish are a punk rock quartet from Yokohama, Japan. Blistering hardcore with hints of ska and add a dash of Hi Standard.

                        Various Artists

                        10 Minutes To Ogikubo Station - A Gathering Of Independent Music Videos

                          Classic videos from the Asian Man stable all gathered together on this one tape. Promo clips from the likes of MU330, Alkaline Trio, Blue Meanies, Korea Girl, Slow Gherkin, Lawrence Arms, Link 80, Honor System, Slapstick, The Chinkees and more. Also included is bonus live footage from Skankin Pickle, Alkaline Trio and Bruce Lee Band (featuring Mike Park and Less Than Jake).


                          Live. Oh Yeah!!

                            Just check the insert: page after page of gig after gig after gig. This Asian Man band are tour-addicts now you can witness the energy, the excitement and the non stop fun of the mighty MU330 live show! They have been rockin' and touring together since their debut in 1988---100% commitment.


                            Logic And Loss

                              This 5 piece band (ex-Mealticket) play a sweet blend of punk and pop melodies breaking down music "barriers" between "scenes". Echoes of the Foo Fighters and the Knack but very much their own brand of simple, direct power pop on the always listenable Asian Man label.

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