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Craig Bratley opts for some Italo-coloured canvasses on the newest Futureboogie release - the label's smashed 2018 with a plethora of top drawer releases right across the style spectrum.

"99.9%" is the kinda showpiece track you reach for when you've got the crowd eating off your turntables, when you're locked into that purple patch and you need to elevate the mix / session to a higher point. A thrusting, push-pull arpeggio section combine with tuff gated drums and a taut lead creating untold pressure that's just waiting for a tiny crack to appear before bursting out of the cauldron with a buzzing hook and swirling fx.

"Italo Love" will be making Red Laser boss Il Bosco sweat, pondering just how he slept upon one of this year's top Italo signings. Never mind mate, just let team Futureboogie stick this one right between your speaker stacks.

Anarco-dance-dandy Andrew Weatherall adds the extra 0.1% to the stems, building the title track into one of his now infamous robo-chug classics straight from the ALFOS dancefloors.

"Take Me To Bedford Or Lose Me Forever" finishes the EP on a slow and sombre note. The kind of slow moving electronic exotica that brings to mind vintage Art Of Noise, the cinematic side of Vangelis or more recent excursions of label Invisible Inc.


Sil says: What a blast this one is. Bratley goes italo and he nails it. Full of energy, radiant and totally dancefloor friendly whilst Weatherall goes darker with serious acid hints. 'Take Me to Bedford or Lose Me Forever' is the closing tune with beautiful oriental samples and a more mellow beat... ready for bed. Essential!

Almost exactly a year after his first EP on Byrd Out (the Kiyadub EP), the legendary Andrew Weatherall returns with new material for a second release. Andrew invited a mate round to his studio to try out a Les Paul his friend was looking to buy. As it turns out, his mate was Ride's (and Oasis') guitarist Andy Bell. Anyway, Andrew suggested he test the guitar out over a track he was working on, and ‘Making Friends With The Invader’ is the resulting track, which Andrew paired with the EP’s title track ‘Blue Bullet’. Both tracks plough the trippy, cosmic dub furrow, and come in at a weighty 8 and 9 minutes plus. On the A-side "Blue Bullet" pairs a gloomy post-punk B-line with mindwarping dub fx and flawless sound design, winding out the subs like a stoned Golden Teacher or Adrian Sherwood in a K-hole. Over on the flip Wevvers knocks up a more traditionally dubby bassline, makes liberal use of the fx units and leaves space for Andy Bell to strum, pick and shred somewhere between shoegaze, ska and Floyd. 1000 vinyl only. Grab them while you can! Mastered by Noel Summerville. Artwork by G.S-L Studio. 

Confidence Man

Out The Window (Inc. Andrew Weatherall & Greg Wilson Remixes)

    Limited edition hand stamped 12" - 250 copies only.

    This is gonna fly, so don't snooze!!

    Lark / Andrew Weatherall

    Can I Colour Your Hair

      Care in the Community recordings release a 7" single of Lark’s Can I Colour In Your Hair featuring a flip side dub version by renowned DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall, adding to past re-workings of Lark songs by artists such as Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside, Erol Alkan and producer Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream).

      The label released Lark’s first two albums; the “sharp and clever” (Quietus) debut ,Shop, and the purely solo effort of song writer and front man Karl Bielik, I Don’t Got, which Uncut noted “...throws up myriad references - Daniel Johnston, Tom Waits’ junkyard jazz, early Human League - but the wonky, unsettling world it creates is completely Bielik’s own.” (4/5).

      Can I Colour In Your Hair dates from the period that formed Lark’s debut and was always intended for its own vinyl cut. While the Andrew Weatherall version that followed, a while later, featured in his BBC6 music 6 mix and gained traction in his club sets, the physical record has proved elusive until now.

      Can I colour In Your Hair is coinciding with the release Larks next album, The Last Woman,on Standard Lamp Records. 

      For starters: to pin down and value Andrew Weatherall’s musical deed takes more space than available in a press release text but here is some of many highlights. As a producer, Weatherall has since he first shook the foundation for modern pop music with ground breaking and genre bending remixes of Primal Scream (Loaded), My Bloody Valentine (Soon) New Order (World In Motion) and many other influential acts, continued to push sounds in to unknown territories. His importance as a musician is as big, with bands like the iconic Sabres Of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen in the 90’s and top quality solo records from the 00’s up till today.

      With the above In mind, Höga Nord Rekords are proud to announce the release of Andrew Weatherall new album Qualia! This album fits perfect in to the Höga Nord – Catalogue, which shows clearly already from the opening track Evidence The Enemy. This song is a monotonous yet uplifting piece of music, a case that holds for the album in full; Weatherall lets the melodies, built on a deep tradition of classical music and later developed by bands such as Kraftwerk, go in major scales, which lets fresh air in and creates a feeling of freedom. The music put you on top of Mont Blanc to overview the complete European music history. Qualia is soothing, harmonic and transporting. Within his framework, Weatherall knocks those frames out of place from time to time. When a song goes to much in one direction a new melody or a new instrument steps in to redirect and surprise the listener. This album is the perfect soundtrack to a road trip inside your own, ever-changing inner landscape. 


      Barry says: Weatherall does it once again, and smashes out a refined and perfectly measured suite of cosmic electronic excursions, infused with the melodicism and songwriting prowess of a classic indie anthem. Will he ever make a bad record? It certainly doesn't look like it.

      Heart People

      Homecoming Remixes EP - Inc. Andrew Weatherall / Tolouse Low Trax / Mr TC Remixes

      Multi-talented Australian duo Heart People hit us up with a top remix 12" on Hole In The Sky, enlisting ALFOS master Andy Weatherall, Dusseldorf techno-druid Tolouse Low Trax and Mr TC to offer their own interpretations of a trio of Heart People originals.
      The collaborative project of Canyons member Ryan Grieve (also the man who introduced the wider world to Tame Impala and Pond) and international model, designer and mixed media artist Rachel Rutt, Heart People craft a unique and expansive sound that incorporates elements of dance music with emotive vocals and lyrics.
      Chug guv'nor Andy Weatherall fires up the air cannon and phaser for his acid laced rework of "Voices", layering Rutt's FX laden vocals way above a snapping, jacking acid techno groove. Employ the smoke and strobe folks, this one's a mauler. Flip the disc and enter Detlef's domain with the Drahcira's Last Dance Mix of "Oceans". As you'd expect from the Kreidler man, this is some primo pitch black witching hour shit, born out of haunted drum machines, nagging guitar and dark, sticky synthlines. The occasional burst of Rutt's twisted vocals offer us a brief chance at redemption, before we're tossed back into the pit. It falls to Mr TC to take us home and the Glasgow producer duly obliges with a ketty mid tempo house mix driven into the heart of the dancefloor by a sinister funk bassline. It's a keeper!

      If ‘Convenanza’, released in February, was a distillation of all Andrew Weatherall’s influences in one place then ‘Consolamentum’ takes that instinct a step further. Here he invites friends old and new to rework the tracks from Convenanza in their own style.

      On board are redoubtable musical architects such as David Holmes (under his new ‘Unloved’ guise), Justin Robertson (wearing his ‘Deadstock 33s’ hat) and the legendary Bernard Fevre of Black Devil Disco Club notoriety.
      Leading the charge by the new guard are Heretic, Red Axes, Solar Bears and Vox Low whose tracks have twisted into existence a quiet storm on ALFOS nights.


      Barry says: A veritable Smörgåsbord of remixes from a plethora of talented acts from all over the electronic spectrum. From smooth and satisfying grungy acid-house stormers to astral swarming cosmic 'tron, this has something for everyone. A varied but reassuringly cohesive whole. What a trip.

      Irish electronic duo Solar Bears - fresh from releasing their critically acclaimed third album ‘Advancement’ earlier this year - receive the remix treatment from seminal DJ, producer and IDM techno forefather Andrew Weatherall. 

      Reimagining ‘Separate From The Arc’, ‘Advancement’s’ climactic, swirling and masterfully cathartic closer, Weatherall delivers a leftfield, darker-toned re-shift that preserves the track’s central energy whilst propagating and expanding its percussive elements via glitched-out rhythms and syncopated nuances.

      "Convenanza" is the sound of Andrew Weatherall looking back at the clutter of a life thoroughly lived and realising it’s too late to tidy it up in any meaningful way. It would be marvellous to throw out lines about the artist exploring the periphery of his musical vision or redrawing the boundary between confrontational electronica and a fondness for a decent melody. That would however indicate some kind of preconceived plan or, failing that, a musical objective which shaped the record. Even serendipity would suggest a more organised approach to the album than was actually the case. Many years of listening to music with a unique ear has resulted in the disordered cabinet of highlights, touchstones, revelations and half recalled good times that make up being Lord Sabre.

      Andrew and his long time fellow recusant Nina Walsh met up in her studio following their enjoyable collaboration as The Woodleigh Research Facility with a view to "doing something" and started tinkering around with the bare bones of some rhythm, top lines and loose vocal meanderings Nina had had sitting on the shelf for a while. Andrew yanked and pulled at the threads and added lyrical ideas until the ghosts of songs started to emerge. Refusing to concern themselves with any kind of structure, they scarpered when tedium threatened and let the music do what it wanted. Sometimes it took a sharp left turn; sometimes it dropped any pretensions of a tune and made do with a wonky groove and at other times simply disintegrated. The post funk punk rhythm of "Frankfurt Advice" takes a deep breath but soldiers on when the disquieting sound of the trumpet playing in the next room intrudes and remains firmly in control despite momentarily stumbling over an unruly guitar. The self-assured top line of "The Confidence Man" collapses in on itself and the loosened beats enjoy a gentle unrestrained boogie atop the solid bassline before the vocal’s final hymnic retreat. Is this sounding incoherent, an uncomfortable disjointed mess? It’s no more so than you’d get dipping arbitrarily into a life or trying to describe any long relationship. Being untidy is allowed; in fact it is to be celebrated as it reflects more truly the jumble of moments any of us experience at the best of times and we all recognise can never be caught on the page. The upside of this promiscuous attitude to music is the sheer joy when it all comes into focus on "We Count Our Sins"… The trumpet returns but this time it’s the soaring spirit of the song which strains against a deeply anchored bassline. The message of abandonment in the verse is thwarted by the obstinate optimism of the key refrain and there’s a sense of resolution as the song ends and melds into the blissful "Thirteenth Night".

      That Andrew has grasped random thoughts, memories and life markers then assembled them so they become such a satisfying musical voyage is a testament to a mind that can draw pictures in the air but still has trouble finding the on-off button on his laptop.

      New Order

      Restless - Inc. Andrew Weatherall Remix

      ‘Music Complete’ is the iconic group’s ninth album (tenth if you count 2013’s mini-album ‘Lost Sirens’) and possibly their most eclectic collection of songs yet. Whichever way you count it, it’s New Order’s return to recording after an absence of more than a decade and it’s an album that finds the group revitalised, refreshed and razor sharp, looking to their past while forging forward. Where the group have previously pushed toward synthesisers or guitars, here the two are in balance.

      ‘Restless’ is the first single to be taken from the album. Remixes are provided by longtime collaborator Andrew Weatherall plus RAC, Agoria and xxxy. There is also an exclusive extended 12” mix by Gareth Jones.

      “Their best record for over 25 years” - Q

      “A runaway victory for class over hype” - Mixmag

      “Manchester legend’s ninth album lays claim to iconic status” - Mojo

      “New Order’s best album since their 1989 masterpiece Technique” - GQ


      CDS Info: 1 copy only!

      Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

      Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday - Inc. Andrew Weatherall, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, David Holmes, Psychemagik, 3D & Toydrum Remixes

      This 11 track double pack 12"  (with CD version included) brings together the best remixes of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds by Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve, Andrew Weatherall, Toydrum, and Massive Attack’s 3D and includes three previously unreleased reworks by David Holmes and Psychemagik.

      So, what do we get? Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve stick closest to the NGHFB originals on their dreamy psych reworks of 'Ballad Of The Mighty I' and 'Riverman' (both featured as vocal and instrumental versions), while Andrew Weatherall gets furthest away with his chugging Balearic house version of 'In The Heat Of The Moment'. Psychemagik offer a typically cosmic disco variation on 'The Right Stuff ', with Massive Attack's Robert '3D' Del Naja giving the same track an atmospheric dowmneat overhaul (over two versions). On side D David Holmes gets in a library music mood with his takes on 'The Girl With The Xray Eyes' (vocal and instrumental mixes), and Toydrum (UNKLE memebers Pablo Clements and James Griffith) bring up the rear with an epic rock / breaks version of 'In The Heat Of The Moment'.

      The EP is released as a limiited edition double heavyweight vinyl.

      Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

      In The Heat Of The Moment (Andrew Weatherall / Toydrum Dub Remixes)


        This exclusive 12" for Record Store Day is limited edition and feature remixes of the single 'In The Heat Of The Moment' by Andrew Weatherall and Toydrum. Previously unreleased, this is the first time these critically acclaimed remixes are available on vinyl. Noel is a supporter of Record Store Day and says "Record shops are as important as the records themselves".

        Primal Scream give us the first taster for upcoming album 'More Light' (due in mid-May). '2013' sees the band back at their angry best, with politics at the forefront of the lyrics and a fierce barrage of feedback-laden psychedelic indie-rock for the nine minute-long backing track. Co-produced by David Holmes, who was also behind the band's 2000's sonic blitzkrieg 'XTRMNTR'. There's also some skyscraping guitar work from MBV's Kevin Shields during the chorus adding to the intense layered feel of the track.

        Andrew Weatherall strips the track back and turns in a couple of chugging electro-dance remixes, pinning feedback, treated vocals, those guitars and other elements of the original to a motorik chug. Includes vocal and dub versions for your dancefloor.


        Andy says: Epic, state-of-the-nation adress that takes its heady cues from late 70s Hawkwind / Hawklords. Hard-hitting but dead catchy: it's a monster!


        Ltd 12" Info: 1 COPY FOUND!

        Fuck Buttons

        Colours Move / Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

        Fuck Buttons was conceived by Andrew Hung & Benjamin John Power in the winter of 2004. With their electric live performances sealing the notion that the two Fuck Buttons are attempting some kind of transcendence between the listener and the Universe itself, one could easily envisage one's psyches being shaken by the very rumbles of the earth's motions. "Sweet Love For Planet Earth" appears here on the B-side mixed by Andrew Weatherall, Weatherall is a massive fan of the band summing them up very nicely indeed when he said they were, 'like Listening to Fripp and Eno in 1973 through a pair of massive speakers that have been slashed with a carving knife'. Bring the noise!!!!!


        Ltd 12" Info: Last few copies ever!!!!

        Fabric releases only the second ever mix CD from one of the world's most respected DJs and producers, Andrew Weatherall. He's right on the money here, mixing up some of our favourite electro, electro-house, acid and tech-house tracks of recent (and not so recent) times: Sexual Harassment's original 80s "I Need A Freak", freakily similar "Freak-A-Holic" by The Egyptian Lover, Kango Stein Massive, DJ T, Tomboy's rare acid house cut "She Hit My Head", Marc Romboy & Booka Shade's pumping First Choice sampling "Everyday Of My Life", Jesper Dahlback, Steve Bug, Metope, Miwon, Kerrier District's rework of Italo obscurity "Timing, Forget The Timing" by Black Devil, Emperor Machine's Kraut-disco "Bloody Hell" and more. Straight on the Piccadilly stereo!

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