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Analogue Attic presents the second solo release from label co-founder and one half of Albrecht La'Brooy.

6 stunning compositions to soundtrack your half-time break, or to celebrate the big win, 'There's Always Next Year' is a tribute to the misguided hopes and dreams of a sports fan.

Field recordings and commentary from a range of codes weave between silky saxophone lines and piano chords in what is a textbook showcase of the classic Analogue Attic downtempo and early evening sound we've come to know.


Leo Yucht on Drums
Greg Carelton on Saxophone
Mastered by Corey Kikos


Matt says: An alluring and enchanted set with coastal leanings, expansive horizons and balmy scents throughout. The ultimate late summer shimmer for those milking out the final rays of the season.


A1. Boxed In
A2. Curse
A3. 3rd And 28
B1. 140 To The Pin
B2. Let
B3. There's Always Next Year

Analogue Attic presents “Bush Bash”, the second album from Carla Oliver's solo ambient project, Badskin.

The album consists of 8 textural meditations, composed with layers of evolving pads and acoustic instrumentation.

Analogue Attic fans will recognize Badskin from appearances on Albrecht La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht records, or from her masterful live performances at their events.

We've been living with this LP for a while now & it's a completely beguiling journey from beginning to end. Highly recommended horizontal listening!


Matt says: Fathoms deep, meditative moods with an uncanny ear for texture; Badskin is a new mover in the ambient scene but from this project she shows great promise. A big one for listeners of Late Junction.


A1. Jourama
A2. Swimmer's Body
A3. Blackwater
A4. I Brought It Close To Consider The State Of It
B1. Critical Path
B2. Supermauve
B3. Satinash
B4. Soft Ghost

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