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Bed Rugs: take their name from the much discussed mat in The Big Lebowski. After the highly praised release of last year’s mini-LP ‘Rapids’, we are pleased to go backwards and present ‘8th Cloud’, their 1st ever recording album, showing that even then they punched well above their weight.

Like Tame Impala and MGMT the sounds are heavy weight and the melodies ambitious - classic rock from Beatles to Nirvana. Les ZAZA’s French magazine recently summed them up as ‘the illegitimate children of McCartney and Cobain.’

James Endeacott who has seen them a good few times describes them as ‘off the scale’. Their spectacular London shows were the best antidote to anti-European feelings we have seen for a long time.

“The garages of East Nashville are now American rock's hottest property” says the Guardian March 2012, and the Sufis are amongst the cream of the crop of the new psych/garage influenced Tennessee scene.

The Sufis are an incredible baroque psych group led by local sound pioneer and aural investigator, Calvin Laporte. Their album was so instant, that we knew instantly we had to put it out on Ample Play. It's incredibly adventurous & memorable. They record using old analogue recording equipment and effects, some of which they have rebuilt from scratch. The musicianship on the record is stunning.

We also love the fact that the only show they played that we're aware of prior to recording the album was to a packed room of friends where they set themselves up in the middle of a large room and arranged their speaker/amps in all four corners and had the audience in a circle around them in between, as part gig, part happening and part experiment. This is a group with ideas, with psychedelic ideas.


Darryl says: Superb early Floyd influenced psych-rock, if you like their Nashville compatriots The Paperhead then you need this too!!

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