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The Japanese singer Aiko Sekiguchi teaming up with Dale Senaga in 1979. The pair flew from Hawaii to California to record the backing tracks at A&M Studios, returning with the reels to Commercial Recording Studio in Honolulu, where they added Aiko’s voice and Dale’s synthesizer overdubs (and Aiko resumed her residency at the Oasis nightclub).

Fly With Me is a sexy, exotic floater, crossing Love Unlimited-style two-step and West Coast AOR. On the flip, Time Machine is jazzy disco steppers, with a cosmic fizz and a light case of the Gloria Gaynors.

Hawaii's foremost musicological crew continue to do the tourist board's job for them, offering yet another incentive to visit the Pacific paradise. Digging further into the fruitful back catalogue of local funk troupe Aura, Aloha Got Soul give us a wicked white label boasting the moody and groovy instrumental "Let Me Say Dis About Dat" and the disco stomper "No Beginning, No End". Tune into the A-side for cop show guitar riffs, blaring brass (think Bernard Wright's 'Spinin') and a ceaseless funk groove. Rugged, muscular but super cool, this cut has all the qualities of a TV cop who doesn't play by the rules, but gets the job done. Over on the flip we're in roller skates and hot pants territory with the disco-funk frolic "No Beginning, No End", a masterpiece of walking bass, killer clavs and handclaps which finally spirals into psychedelic brilliance. Right on.

The latest lavish reissue on Aloha Got Soul brings to light the music of Robert Æolus Myers, featuring recordings from 1982 to 2006 that were previously available only on cassette or CD. "A Retrospective" tells the story of a man whose music elevates its listeners to a place of inspiration and enlightenment. Often ethereal, Æolus’ music is driven by synthesizers, melodic flutes, sweeping patterns, and subtle rhythms to seed inspiration from deep within the listener. One might assume that Æolus carved a new path for electronic music in Hawai‘i, but the islands never quite fully embraced the burgeoning New Age scene that Æolus found himself a part of during the 1980s and the early 1990s. Few artists in Hawaii have produced a body of work, let alone embarked on a musical journey, such as the one that Æolus has created. For Aloha Got Soul, this release marks a new chapter of bringing rare and relatively unknown music of Hawai‘i to the surface. 


Patrick says: Aloha Got Soul shine up the orgonite and light the incense for a sublime retrospective of Hawaiian new age hero ÆOLUS. High grade healing frequencies found within!

Al Nobriga

My Last Disco Song

    A rare look into the discotheque era of Waikiki, brought to us by the best Hawaiian label going. "I wrote it about a girl I was dating, she was from New York. She loved discos. All she wanted to do was go to the disco and dance." Super limited.


    7" Info: 1 copy only!

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