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The Wytches

Our Guest Can't Be Named

    The Wytches need very little introduction, but it is with no little excitement that we welcome back Brighton’s purveyors of melody for album number four – all raucous and unruly, yet glistening with jagged edged poetic wistfulness and undeniable emotional clout.

    The former Transgressive/ Heavenly Records act return with their fourth studio album in September on Alcopop! Records this year - and it's definitely their best yet, all raw-throat punk, stoner/doom psych, riffing swagger, and perhaps just the tiniest hint of delicious folk twinkling... Just get it in your ears. It’s glorious.


    Barry says: The Wytches 4th outing is awash with the sort of grotty lo-fi rock we've come to know from the Brighton outfit, but imbued with a gothic intensity and grunge-leaning heft that we've not heard before. Clattering semi-rhythmic noises burst into huge choral passages and tearing surfy guitar lines.


    Side A
    Zep Step
    Sloped Old Tower
    Side B
    Something To Fall Back On
    Our Guest Can't Be Named
    Bill Blood

    Pulled Apart By Horses

    Rinse And Repeat / First World Problems

      The record will be released on a 700 limited edition press of clear vinyl on 29th July 2022, with the artwork hand-screen printed by the band. ‘Rinse & Repeat’ is released to celebrate the brand new album ‘Reality Cheques’ out in September 2022 – alongside long awaited monstrous UK and European tours after a bustling festival summer...

      Commenting on the track, vocalist Tom Hudson said: “An ode to all that have found themselves trapped in the darker corners of the music industry. The repetitive whirring of the machine. A spanner in the works of the daily grind. A helping hand to break out of a vicious cycle. The realisation that they need you more than you need them. Inspired by seeing Ziggy Stardust stood in line at the jobcentre. More punk rock than Iggy advertising life insurance.”


      A1. First World Problems
      AA1. Rinse And Repeat

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