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James Heather

Invisible Forces

    Contemporary pianist and composer James Heather announces his second album ‘Invisible Forces’ out via Ahead of Our Time, Ninja Tune founders Coldcut’s first record label. Influenced by the sensibility of electronic, ambient, orchestral and post-rock music but channelled through solo piano and his classical and jazz grounding, the album follows the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Modulations: EP2’, released in 2021.

    Heather’s new album is about becoming aware of invisible forces around us to help deepen understanding of self and our connection to the world, from tuning into the natural world and getting lost in its patterns and energies to gaining more knowledge around ancestral lines such as the concept of epigenetics. It’s about looking that bit deeper into things, into areas that are not instantly visible but are all around us to achieve this. “Composing these songs gave me an anchor to feel more present in life after some troubling times and sent me on a journey to rediscover a kind of wonderment with the world. I hope the Invisible Forces universe will bring warmth to other people too.”

    Recorded, mixed and produced by Heather in his new home studio on a refurbished Bosendorfer 200 grand piano utilising various microphone techniques, ‘Invisible Forces’ is a love story to the instrument that was his first love. A step forward compositionally from his 2017 debut album ‘Stories From Far Away On Piano’, the songs are grander, deeper and broader in emotional range and are developed through a series of improvisation techniques rarely seen in the often notated world of classical music. He describes his music as “pulse music” with each track performed in a single take and with their roots in this live improvisation, often honed on the road where Heather moves between tender to more propulsive, trance-inducing dynamics. He memorised each movement, then subtly adapted, adding more complexities and compositional dexterity over time before committing to the final take. His approach to the new compositions, finds him playing freely, with no metronome or official notation to recall or dictate the piece but instead using just his muscle memory, feel and instinct to decide where each track will go.

    A deeply personal and autobiographical album, the first four tracks on ‘Invisible Forces’ come from inside, about life dreams that end up becoming devastatingly flawed (or not) as in ‘Meant to Be’, to complications around the sharing of grief and moving on in ‘No Time Limit to Grief’. Elsewhere, the loss of the “sixth” sense of balance in Heather’s father due to a brain tumour is addressed in ‘Balance,’ while Heather acknowledges trusting in his inner being to overcome life’s difficulties and look out once again with positivity in ‘In Your Spirit’.

    Heather’s profound sense of awe at the big wide world outside of the self is considered in ‘Ultraviolet’ – the realisation that everything is connected in the universe, often in unseen ways, like a magic that surrounds us while ‘Forgotten Cities’, is a dreamlike interest in lost civilisations who built at one with nature and the stars above to cities today affected by war, nostalgic for peaceful times, hoping their city won’t be forgotten. ‘Invisible Forces’, the core of the album, absorbs all the albums messages, and connects different stages of Heather’s own compositional history from childhood to now. “I feel like one of the messages in my music is an activism for peace and equality for all, it is political but just done in a minimalist way. It’s about learning to love ourselves but also to love others even more.”

    Throughout the closing stages of ‘Invisible Forces’, Heather questions the journey towards the end of a life, a feeling transcending perhaps even joy. A feeling of connecting back to ancestors long since gone and the realisation they might be effecting him now in subliminal ways as in ‘Ancestral Future Now’, to ‘Beginnings,’ which looks at the evolvement of the natural world around us.

    Empathy and compassion are two key themes underpinning the album, in particular with the most personal song in ‘Hidden Angel’, a letter of forgiveness to a missing lorry driver who put Heather in a coma in 2008 whilst he was cycling and may not know that he miraculously survived the episode. A topic which Heather has never addressed before in song, he was given just a 5% chance of survival and he endured both the mental and physical challenge of adjusting back into life, changing him fundamentally as a person through many highs and lows as he battled back to full fitness, an experience that he now looks at as a positive. ‘I am lucky that at last my life is now filled with a joy I could never have dreamed of before, dealing with the aftermath of such trauma can take time. The driver couldn’t be located some years later and I always wanted to let him know I survived, in case he didn’t know, and to tell him I’m ok and that I hold no anger. The whole experience has given me an increased empathy to people that may be going through something heavy and to face mortality head on at such a young age, whilst a shock, has deepened my understanding of life.”

    The album concludes with ‘Immortal Beloved’, a song about the treasuring of love, and a reference to the famous letter Beethoven, an early influence on Heather, wrote and never sent to someone unnamed.

    The album artwork is by long-time collaborator Suki and is a representation of the many invisible layers of our inner and outer worlds. Inspired by the structure of earth, each layer or journey is connected to the next through implied space and time transcending to unknown depths. ‘Invisible Forces’ is as much about emotional growth as it is physical awareness. The album art interprets this tension through a series of contrary emotions where wonderment and solitude, awe and isolation, contemplation and silence can be found in equal measure. Informed by real world invisible forces, the art is designed using computational techniques. Procedural materials and the movement of light create hyperreal terrains that feel both familiar and unfamiliar.


    Meant To Be
    No Time Limit To Grief
    In Your Spirit
    Forgotten Cities
    Invisible Forces
    Ancestral Future Now
    Hidden Angel
    Immortal Beloved

    ‘@0’ comprises a collection of ambient tracks curated and sequenced by Coldcut (on LP) and mixed by both Coldcut and Mixmaster Morris (on CD), bringing together some of the pioneers of ambient music alongside current artists spearheading the genre.

    Featuring an incredible lineup of new ambient and classical recordings, all released for the first time as part of the ‘@0’ compilation with music from: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Suzanne Ciani, Steve Roach, Juliana Barwick, Imogen Heap—whose ‘The Happy Song’ is remixed by Coldcut—A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Laraaji, Sigur Rós—with close collaborator of the band Paul Corley providing a ‘Liminal’ re-work of ‘Rembihnútur’—Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Helena Hauff, Skee Mask, Daniel Pemberton & FSOL, James Heather, Specimens, Nailah Hunter, Rovo & System 7, Ned Scott (The Egg), Noodreem, Mira Calix, Obay Alsharani, David Wenngren, ill-esha, Yak Herder, NDiPA X Flex Machina, Double Cushion, Irresistible Force, FRKTL, ANNA and Coldcut themselves.


    Side A
    1. Julianna Barwick - Star Ray
    2. Sigur Rós - Rembihnútur (Liminal Re-work By Paul Corley)
    3. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Beethoven 250
    4. Laraaji - Illusion Of Time
    Side B
    1. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Mt Baker
    2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Aqua (from Playing Piano For The Isolated)
    3. James Heather - And She Came Home (Strings Version)
    4. Suzanne Ciani - Morning Spring
    5. Nailah Hunter - Sadko
    Side C
    1. Helena Hauff - Thalassa
    2. Mira Calix - Danaïdes
    3. Daniel Pemberton & FSOL - Behind The Eyes
    4. Skee Mask - CG Drip
    Side D
    1. Coldcut - The Fire Burns Out
    2. Obay Alsharani - Dream Within A Dream
    3. David Wenngren - Pianoise
    4. Steve Roach - The Drift Home

    James Heather

    Stories From Far Away On Piano

      James Heather drops his debut album on vinyl for the first time via Ahead Of Our Time, Coldcut’s first label and playground for free expression and experimentation. A collection of nine conceptual solo piano pieces inspired by real world news events. The album art by Suki features layers of Indian ink bled into newspaper print. It also plots the nine latitude and longitude locations of each story’s origin. For fans of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Poppy Ackroyd, Max Richter, Nils Frahm.


      Empire Sounds
      Last Minute
      Change Of Heart
      Teardrop Tattoo

      Coldcut X On-U Sound


        Following the success of their all-star collaborative project ‘Outside The Echo Chamber’, Coldcut (Ninja Tune co-founders) and Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound) return with a masterly 10” rework of the Hindi-Urdu love song ’Kajra Mohabbat Wala’. With the help of the late guitarist Babu Choudhary, Coldcut re-recorded the 60s Bollywood classic with cult Indian vocalist Hamsika Iyer before taking it into the On-U Sound sessions.

        This previously unreleased extended mix of album highlight ‘Kajra’ has become a favourite tool in Adrian Sherwood sets and the 10” is backed with two new extreme dubs and acapella (plus a digital only remix by Ott).

        Heavyweight black 10” in matte varnish sleeve with printed inner and digital download code.

        Bogus Order

        Zen Brakes Vol. 2

          Bogus Order return with their second album, ‘Zen Brakes Vol. 2’, released on Ahead Of Our Time.

          The album follows their recent ‘Bullnose Step EP’ and debut ‘Zen Brakes Vol. 1’, which was released 27 years ago.

          Special CD edition features 10 different artwork cover variations, each corresponding to individual album tracks. (Randomly allocated.)

          10 page rollfold artwork booklet and bonus track ‘God Save Techno’.

          The album features co-production from Ital Tek (Planet Mu).

          The album will coincide with the release of a new and bespoke app called Pixi, an iOS based artwork synthesis app from Coldcut built on the concept of Granular Synthesis. The app features presets from the album that users can interact with to create and upload pictures to accompany the music, allowing for shareable visual remixes of their own images.

          For fans of DJ Shadow, Hidden Orchestra, Air Liquide, Coldcut, 808 State, Rephlex.

          Coldcut (Matt Black and Jon More) and Adrian Sherwood (kingpin of the legendary On-U Sound label) are the perfect sonic match; two pioneers of British music united by a maverick spirit. Coldcut x On-U Sound’s ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’ via Ahead Of Our Time – is an album of freshly-minted, electronic dub-pop. Uniting an array of global musicians and vocalists including Roots Manuva, Junior Reid, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Ce’Cile – to name but a few – and made in London, Ramsgate, Jamaica, and Los Angeles – with co-producer and fellow dance heavyweight Dave Taylor (Switch & With You.) Toddla T also helped produce 2 songs. At the beating heart of this album are long time On-U Sound collaborators Skip McDonald on guitar and bassist Doug Wimbish. These two formed part of the house band for the pioneering rap label Sugar Hill, providing the music for some of the most seminal records of the era like Grandmaster Flash's ‘The Message', and many others. In the bleak political landscape of early 2017, this album’s warmth, and its outward-looking, globally-minded sound couldn’t feel more welcome.


          1. Vitals Feat. Roots Manuva
          2. Metro
          3. Everyday Another Sanction Feat. Chezidek
          4. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Ce’Cile And Toddla T
          5. Aztec Riddim
          6. Kajra Mohobbat Wala Feat. Hamsika Iyer
          7. Divide And Rule Feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid And Elan
          8. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Elan
          9. Robbery Feat. Rholin X
          10. Livid Hip Hop
          11. Vitals Feat. Roots Manuva (Dub)
          12. Everyday Another Sanction Feat. Chezidek (Dub)
          13. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Ce’Cile And Toddla T (Dub)
          14. Kajra Mohobbat Wala Feat. Hamsika Iyer (Dub)
          15. Divide And Rule Feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid And Elan (Dub)
          16. Robbery Feat. Rholin X (Dub)

          7” Box Set:

          A. Everyday Another Sanction Feat. Chezidek
          B. Everyday Another Sanction Feat. Chezidek (Dub)

          A. Vitals Feat. Roots Manuva
          B. Vitals Feat. Roots Manuva (Dub)

          A. Robbery Feat. Rholin X
          B. Robbery Feat. Rholin X (Dub)

          A. Divide And Rule Feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid And Elan
          B. Divide And Rule Feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid And Elan (Dub)

          A. Kajra Mohobbat Wala Feat. Hamsika Iyer (7” Version)
          B. Kajra Mohobbat Wala Feat. Hamsika Iyer (7” Dub Version)

          A. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Ce’Cile And Toddla T
          B. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Elan

          A. Metro
          B. Livid Hip Hop

          A. Aztec Riddim
          B. Make Up Your Mind Feat. Ce’Cile And Toddla T (Dub)

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