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The Wave Pictures

French Cricket

    In 1998 The Wave Pictures started carving out their own path in search of the lost essence of British Indie, since their acclaimed “Instant Coffee Baby” -nominated for The Guardian New Album Award and present in many lists of the best albums of the last 15 years– , until the most recent “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings”, always giving their best in countless electrifying performances. Now The Wave Pictures are once again allied with Acuarela to release an exclusive double 7” with five songs (one, “French Cricket” included on their new album and the other four totally exclusive) and show that they are still an indie rock band without indie rock influences, a trio with its own style that doesn't want to be a blues group, but with blues –and soul, and country, and folk-, as the invisible core of everything they do.

    The Wave Pictures began their career in 1998. Since then the British trio hasn't stopped: at the frenetic pace of their concert schedule, they add a stakhanovist record production, which advances at the rate of almost one album per year. Example: “Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon”, which came out in February 2015, was already their thirteenth official LP (without forgetting that they have also released a large number of singles, EPs, rarities and unofficial material). But it is that in February 2016 the fourteenth album, “A Season In Hull” was released -which they recorded with a single microphone and only released on vinyl-, and in November of that same year its successor, “Bamboo Diner In The Rain” came out. In June 2018 they returned to the fray with another LP, “Brushes With Happiness”, and that November also dropped “Look Inside Your Heart”. The pandemic has made them slow down a little bit until May 2022 when they finally returned with "When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings". “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings” is a double album dedicated to the cycle of life and in which each of its four sides (in the old fashioned way) is focused on one of the seasons of the year. The title refers to spring and its splendor. The result is pop in the style of The Wave Pictures, with all the essence of the band: those intense guitar solos by Dave, his acoustic plucking, the solid writing… in addition to the mandolin, the bluesy name it! All the band members, David Tattersall (vocals, guitar), Franic Rozycki (bass) and Jonny “Huddersfield” Helm (drums), are avid fans of rock'n'roll, classic country, 70s rock, soul and folk, and this album celebrates with joy all those musical loves of them, some rediscovered in recent times. Moreover, they have pointed out that Guided By Voices have also been a great source of inspiration on this recording, as well as re-listening to Sun Records’ rockabilly, African guitar records, the more country side of Neil Young, the crazy fun of The Who and some moments from The Yardbirds. The Wave Pictures are still playing what Modern Lovers did back in the day -and then Herman Dune or Hefner-, only they play it as if Rory Gallagher was their lead guitar. With the lo-fi pop-rock label as an amicable stigma, they never deny the maxim that places attitude before technique and they are always vaccinated against fashion. Years go by and they are still the same sly alley-cats, only sounding more and more classic.


    1. French Cricket
    2. From A Buick 6
    3. Porcupines
    4. Rufus Thomas
    5. Cincinatti Flow Rag

    Umbra Sum is Ed Sánchez-Gómez, a Costa Rican expatriate. Following a love/hate relationship with classical guitar studies at the University of Costa Rica, Umbra Sum emerged in 2003 as a way of reconciling with the instrument. After leaving Costa Rica, Ed wandered around Europe and later Argentina, where he acquired a taste for the South American folk music that permeates his work. He left Argentina to study improvisation in Chicago, where he currently resides.

    'Aún no has demostrado nada' is the first official release by Umbra Sum: an eclectic mini-album that has hints of the summertime harmonies of the Beach Boys, the psychedelic folk of Los Jaivas, the doleful spirit of Hood, and the melodious uproar of My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr.

    In this debut album, harmonious noise, snaking rhythms and layered voices all serve as a chorus that creates a lyrical mural, hearkening to the heavens and earth: like a rudimentary yet well-made treehouse made of exotic woods, projecting out from within the dense Indie-Rock forest that surrounds us.

    'Aún no has demostrado nada' was recorded by Ed Sánchez-Gómez in Evanston, IL; mixed by Joel Jiménez-Cabezas in Goshen, IN; and mastered by Jeff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, The Magnetic Fields) at Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA.


    1. Años Como Flores
    2. Que El Verano Nos Perdone
    3. Nuestro Imposible
    4. ¿Quién Dijo Miedo?
    5. Aún No Has Demostrado Nada
    6. Hazmerreír
    7. Dulce Reposo

    The Strugglers

    The Fair Store

      Strugglers self-released their first album, "Done By The Strugglers" in 2001. In 2003 Tract Records issued their second album "The New Room". Acuarela then commissioned a recording that became the five-song MCD "The Fair Store". It's the most accomplished and seasoned material The Strugglers have yet produced, not far from the likes and tradition of Oldham, (Smog), Cash, Dylan or Cohen. Bell-clear production and sparse instrumentation frame the material on "The Fair Store", a five song stylistic foray into shiny 70s classic rock and twisted folk.

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