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Ace Records 40

    A celebration of our 40years in business: 1975-2015 represented by seven vinyl singles in a luxury box/book.

    40 years on and, as the song says, we got to get right back where we started from. That was and still is the 7-inch vinyl 45rpm single. This traditional “album” contains seven 45s that could never fully represent the Ace story so far, but they touch on numerous aspects of what we have been doing all this time. There are unissued versions, highlights from our career, lost gems and an error corrected, but all truly terrific music. A small jukebox worth of recordings spanning the 20 years from which the bulk of Ace releases have been drawn. It is hard to believe only 20 years separate Etta James’ release for Modern from Joe Strummer’s first recording made for our Chiswick label, which in turn is now nearly 40 years old.

    After our dalliance with pop and rock, which lasted until the early 80s and wasn’t without its highpoints, we shifted our attention to recording London’s garage and psychobilly bands in the wake of licensing the Cramps’ catalogue. But the blues, its more active little brother rhythm & blues, even more active grandchild soul and wayward second cousin who got the funk have always been a major strand in what we do. We heard some of that rock’n’roll music, liked it and put a lot of it out, alongside its sweeter pop counterpart and teenage rebel nephew 60s psych and garage that contributed to the backbone of the past 40 years of releases.

    During that time, we have danced to many different tunes in many different styles. We jived, we twisted, then we shimmied (and shaked), glided elegantly across the northern soul dancefloor, pogoed and all the time shook a tail feather. These days it is more likely to be a soft shoe shuffle but the enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed. The dedicated team of Ace staff, engineers and consultants are still turning out a regular flow of great-sounding, handsomely packaged, articulately annotated CDs, with the odd LP and 45 thrown in for good measure. You can even download a lot of it, but unfortunately without the pretty pictures and sweet words as yet.

    They say the future is online and they may be right, but nothing can match that warm fuzzy feeling the whiff of wax brings.


    Disc One
    1A. Confessin The Blues (Alt) BB King
    1B.Tough Lover (Alt) Etta James

    Disc Two
    2A. One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette - Glen Glenn
    2B. Youre Under Arrest - The Shirelles

    Disc Three
    3A. Not My Girl - The Platters
    3B. No Other Guy - Lou Johnson

    Disc Four
    4A. Try A Little Tenderness (Alt) - Otis Redding
    4B. You Gotta Have Soul - James Carr

    Disc Five
    5A. Psychedelic Sally - Eddie Jefferson
    5B. Keep On Brother Keep On - Johnny King And Fatback Band

    Disc Six
    6A. I Got Mine - The Charlatans
    6B. Get The Picture (Alt) - The Scot Richard Case

    Disc Seven
    7A. Dont Cry For Me - The Zombies
    7B. Keys To Your Heart - The 101ers

    Various Artists

    Bobby Gillespie Presents Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

    An exercise in mood and atmosphere compiled for us by the Primal Scream frontman. Available on CD and 180g clear vinyl 2LP gatefold set with bonus track.

    Known for having an impeccable knowledge and contagious enthusiasm for music, a collector and fan through and through, Bobby has compiled an album for Ace based on mood and atmosphere, building something both incredibly personal and totally universal. He finds the sadness in the sunshine pop of the Beach Boys and isn’t afraid to have three of their tracks in a row, to enjoy that melancholy. He finds the 1970s punk attitude in one-time cleancut doo wopper Dion, the politics in Link Wray and the sex in Kris Kristofferson. It’s as much a reappraisal of these artists as a love letter to them, putting them in a new context and holding a different mirror to their faces.

    His sleeve-notes take you on a mapped journey, from him as a young punk gig-goer in Glasgow, seeing Suicide supporting the Clash where they had an axe thrown at them, to meeting his heroes on an equal footing both on and off stage, through to gazing at the fragile people gone too soon. It’s a paean to loving music.

    With a cover portrait by legendary fashion photographer Corinne Day and sleeve designed by Matthew Cooper (Franz Ferdinand / Primal Scream) and Bobby, he has made you the most beautiful of mix tapes.

    "When David Holmes asked me if I wanted to compile an album of some of my favourite songs for Ace Records I jumped at the chance. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had putting it together." - Bobby Gillespie


    Andy says: Superb compilation from Primal Scream's main man, who must have helped shape my record collection more than any other musician. The whole thing fits together perfectly and any record that has "Willin'" by Little Feat and "War In Peace" by Skip Spence on it, just has to be a thing to be reckoned with!


    01. May The Circle Remain Unbroken - 13th Floor Elevators
    02. ‘Til I Die (Alternate Mix) - The Beach Boys
    03. Forever (A Cappella Mix) - The Beach Boys
    04. You’re Welcome - The Beach Boys
    05. Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds
    06. Born To Be With You - Dion
    07. American Dreamer - Gene Clark
    08. Midnight Cowboy - John Barry
    09. Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down - Kris Kristofferson
    10. Ice People - Link Wray
    11. As We Go Along - The Monkees
    12. Love Hurts - Gram Parsons
    13. War In Peace - Alexander “Skip”‘ Spence
    14. Phantasmagoria In Two - Tim Buckley
    15. Any Way That You Want Me - Evie Sands
    16. Willin’ - Little Feat
    17. Breathe On Me - Ronnie Wood
    18. Darklands - Primal Scream
    19. Precious Memories - Willie Nelson
    20. Over The Rainbow - Jerry Lee Lewis

    Side 1

    01. May The Circle Remain Unbroken - 13th Floor Elevators
    02. 'Til I Die (Alternate Mix) - The Beach Boys
    03. Forever (A Cappella Mix) - The Beach Boys
    04. You're Welcome - The Beach Boys
    05. Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds
    06. Born To Be With You - Dion

    Side 2

    01. American Dreamer - Gene Clark
    02. Midnight Cowboy - John Barry
    03. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down - Kris Kristofferson
    04. Ice People - Link Wray
    05. As We Go Along - The Monkees
    06. Love Hurts - Gram Parsons

    Side 3

    01. War In Peace - Alexander "Skip"' Spence
    02. Cheree (Remix) - Suicide
    03. Phantasmagoria In Two - Tim Buckley
    04. Any Way That You Want Me - Evie Sands
    05. Willin' - Little Feat

    Side 4

    01. Breathe On Me - Ronnie Wood
    02. Darklands - Primal Scream
    03. Precious Memories - Willie Nelson
    04. Over The Rainbow - Jerry Lee Lewis

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