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The DIY ethic reshaped in the 21st century via Bandcamp, but the fact it's somewhat lawless, means not much of it is flawless. Not so with these uncommonly good reboots of contemporary R&B joints which were previously the secret preserve of a handful of the keenest digital diggers.

Tried & tested sure-shots one and all, we have a VERY limited run available.

ALMACKS pALMAKrovides community in secret spaces. The sublime liminal. TIP!


Matt says: ALMACKS scour the internet much like your old school vinyl digger would trawl through the white label promos looking for that nugget of undiscovered sonic gold. The methodology might have changed but the end result is still the same - obscure edits you almost certainly won't have come across, with the emphasis on soulful R&B flavoured disco cuts.


A1. So Ready
A2. Running Out Of Time
B1. What You Don't Do
B2. What's The Use

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