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Having released his last album, Understated in March 2013, Badbea is Edwyn Collins first release since moving both home and studio to Helmsdale on the North East coast of Scotland in 2014.

Building a new studio from scratch, the impressive Clashnarrow Studios which sits on the hills overlooking Helmsdale, Collins completed work on Badbea with co-producer Sean Read (Dexys, The Rockingbirds) and long-term musical cohorts Carwyn Ellis (Colorama) & James Walbourne (The Pretenders / The Rails).

In part inspired by his return to the village where his grandfather lived, and somewhere Edwyn spent time over the years, the album title itself, and title track, are taken from and inspired by Badbea (pronounced badbay), a dramatically located abandoned village on a cliff top five miles north of Helmsdale with a history defined by the Highland Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Elsewhere on the album there are poignant moments of reflection, northern soul ‘stompers’ in the classic Edwyn Collins tradition, tracks remembering past times with Orange Juice and lyrics inspired by the discovery of over 30 old pre-illness lyric books unearthed while ‘de-cluttering’ before the move back to Scotland.

His fourth long-player completed since 2005 when he suffered two strokes (it follows Home Again 2007, Losing Sleep 2010 & Understated 2013), Badbea is an eloquent and contemplative document of his remarkable and on-going rehabilitation.

“It’s all about looking forward, I guess,” Edwyn reflects. “I’m happy. Content with life.”


Barry says: A beautifully warm collection from Collins, showing how this legendary artist has managed to maintain his impactful sound whilst showing a more nuanced outlook, with folky songs like 'Beauty' perfectly balancing the fuller pieces, resulting in a rounded and momentous journey through a wide variety of sounds.


1. It’s All About You
2. In The Morning
3. I Guess We Were Young
4. It All Makes Sense To Me
5. Outside
6. Glasgow To London
7. Tensions Rising
8. Beauty
9. I Want You
10. I’m OK Jack
11. Sparks The Spark
12. Badbea

Now Joe McAlinden is back with Rest and be Thankful, another elegantly soulful and emotional record. Having travelled to West Heath Yard in 2012 to work with Edwyn Collins and Sebastian Lewsley on Bleached Highlights, Joe decided this time he needed a rural approach and it quickly became apparent that it would be easier to make a new record at home in Argyll with the _LINDEN live band; Stuart Kidd, Eric Lindsay and Marco Rea. Joe built a makeshift studio in an old fisherman’s croft on the shores of Loch Fyne, threw some logs on the fire and set about recording Rest and be Thankful which he then sent to Edwyn and Seb via courier pigeon to mix at WHY in London. The boys reckon you can hear Argyll in the music, you can feel where Joe lives… a sonic snapshot of rural life!

Rest and be Thankful are the words inscribed on a stone near the junction of the A83 and the B828, placed there by soldiers who built the original military road in 1753. The section is so named as the climb out of Glen Croe is so long and steep at the end that it was traditional for travellers to rest at the top, and be thankful for having reached the highest point. RABT features on the album sleeve with striking artwork by Jim Lambie.


1. I See
2. Window Pane
3. Rest And Be Thankful
4. Short Worm
5. Pull Me Round Again.

1. Dream Dream
2. Lost And Found
3. Take My Hand
4. Yesterday Rewind
5. Broken Glass

Edwyn Collins, Carwyn Ellis & Sebastian Lewsley

The Possibilities Are Endless

The Possibilities Are Endless is a film, a hymn to happiness about Edwyn Collins. About finding his way back to music, to life, to understanding. Due for release by Pulse Films in UK cinemas on 7th November 2014 ‘The Possibilities. . .’ is the third feature from directing talents Edward Lovelace and James Hall. The film received its world premiere at South by Southwest earlier this year.

"The thing about the film is....Ed and James listened and listened to me. We talked in my studio and they gave me time to develop my thoughts. It was quiet and peaceful. I knew I could trust them." - Edwyn

"I called the film a hymn to happiness. The whole thing began with two young men discovering Edwyn's music, then his story and now look at what they've done." - Grace


Leviathan (instrumental)
Quite Like Silver
Home Again Harmonies
Home Again
Quite Like Silver Piano Refrain
Viewed From All Angles
One Note Wonder Part I.
Closing Time At The Punk Rock Hotel - 2014 Version
Down The Line
One Note Wonder Part II
Don't Shilly Shally - 2014 Version
Two Steps Back
I've Got It Bad

The 11-track album was self-produced with his long time studio partner Seb Lewsley and recorded at West Heath Studios in London during the 2nd half of 2012, except for a couple of earlier recordings.

All songs were written by Edwyn, except Love’s Been Good To Me, a Rod McKuen cover and the album features the musicians Barrie Cadogan (Little Barrie, Primal Scream), James Walbourne (The Pretenders, Ray Davies, Pernice Brothers, Dead Flamingoes), Carwyn Ellis (Colorama, The Pretenders), Sean Read (The Rockingbirds, Dexys), David Ruffy (The Ruts, Dexys) & Paul Cook (The Sex Pistols).

The last 12 months have seen Edwyn concentrate on running his AED record label, produce records for Vic Godard, Colorama, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs, Linden and London Mississippi with Seb Lewsley and begin work on a film about his life and music titled In Your Voice, In Your Heart with filmmakers Edward Lovelace & James Hall.


Laura says: Edwyn croons his way through a selection of gorgeous slowies and floor filling soul stompers, and as ever his songwriting is second to none. Great stuff.


1. Dilemna
2. Baby Jean
3. Carry On, Carry On
4. 31 Years
5. It’s A Reason
6. Too Bad (That’s Sad)
7. Down The Line
8. Forsooth
9. In The Now
10. Understated
11. Love’s Been Good To Me

Filthy Boy

Naughty Corner

Paraic and Michael Morrissey (20), Harry Weskin (19) and Benjamin Deschamps (19) began playing music together whilst studying for their GCSE’s. There were no grand aspirations; it was simply “something to do after school.”

However, towards the end of their final year they started to realise that they “might be onto something” and agreed to perform in front of their peers at the end of their school prom. They played ‘Biggest Fan’ and as Michael recalls, “No one was interested or listening but we got to sing ‘fuck me up the arse’ on our school stage which was a good moment.”

They’ve come rather a long way since then. After winning the Vice Magazine/Kopperberg Klash battle of the bands last year they have supported the likes of The Vaccines, Jamie N Commons and Zulu Winter and were recently invited to play at The Great Escape Festival.

Blending strange storytelling with big chunks of macabre yet catchy guitar music, their lyrical content is rather risqué, however, it’s delivered with such sharp British irony and a naughty twinkle in their eye that we challenge you to find these boys anything but abundantly charming.

Rotifer is a band fronted by Austrian musician, writer, broadcaster and journalist Robert Rotifer. Robert’s music is an individual blend of 60’s melodic English influences, 70’s punky directness, absorbing lyrics, flights of fancy. The Hosting Couple is actually his sixth album, but the first UK release by Canterbury-based Robert Rotifer, backed by Ex-Hefner Darren Hayman on bass and producer/musician about town Ian Button on drums. This selection of songs about likely subjects such as drones dropping bombs on your hometown, Austrian sound poetry, a holiday in Canvey Island, and the marine lab in Aberdeen was recorded and produced by legendary curmudgeon Wreckless Eric at his studio in France.


1. The Drone
2. Jazz Cigarettes
3. Aberdeen Marine Lab
4. Canvey Island
5. Ernst Jandl At The Albert Hall
6. Art For The Spare Room
7. Mr Extra Item Seat
8. Bag Drop
9. Way Of The World
10. Creosote Summer
11. Now That I'm Gone
12. Father's Name Is Dad


Brown Bird Singing

Linden is Joe McAlinden, a name from the 90’s still much loved by his loyal aficionados. Joe was the main man in Superstar, a former Creation band, contemporaries and great friends with Teenage Fanclub. Joe grew up in Lanarkshire, was schoolboy pals with Norman Blake, with whom he used to listen to Orange Juice records. Following a self imposed hiatus, James Endeacott invited Joe into the AED fold. He is currently finishing off recording his album with Edwyn Collins and Sebastian Lewsley at West Heath Studios, due for release in early 2012. The album features Joe’s unique vocal style, lush arrangements and contributions from Paul Cook on drums and James Walbourne on guitar.


A Side: Brown Bird Singing
AA Side: If I Had Wings

Wide Sea

A Place To Call Home / London

Wide Sea are a four piece family band of three brothers, the Rallas, and their cousin on drums. They presently live in Kilburn, North West London, where they travelled to in 2009 from their home near Frankfurt in Germany, literally seeking a new life and an outlet for their music they couldn’t find in their homeland. Lead singer Arthur was an Edwyn Collins fan and they sought him out. Their beautiful songs and harmonic sensibilities so impressed Edwyn and Seb, his studio side-kick, that they recorded an album with the band, and this is their debut single. The album, by the same name, follows in November.


A: A Place To Call Home
B: London Nights

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