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Priceless Bodies

Happy Wife, Happy Life

    25 years after the first electroclash boom, the refined modern take on that storied movement takes hold, with Priceless Bodies' 'Happy Wife, Happy Life'.

    Priceless Bodies are self-taught multi-instrumentalists and sisters Vivian and Bianca Pencz, Vancouver-born but Manchester-based. Their music embodies their experience as working class women artists living in a culture and class war. They experiment with sprechgesang vocals, textured guitar, analogue synths, vintage samples, and electric percussion.

    It's got all of the casio-centric groove and snapping instrumental precision of the original Electroclash but where the industrial punk influences leeched out of Munich in those early iterations, Priceless Bodies' sound is swimming with  modern influences. It's a brilliant combination, and one that will be sure to see this talented duo go far. 


    1. Power
    2. Mother, Look What They've Done To Me (Amanda Lear Cover)
    3. Alphabet / I'm A Bag For Life
    4. Pepsi Cola Addicts (ft. Núria Prat-Ortillés)
    5. Pop Death (Public Image Ltd Cover)

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