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Come Out to Play bridges the gap between my previous two singles and combines the pad soundscape of Whispers with the angular unpredictability of Alone Again - though Come Out to Play is far more upbeat and lighthearted in terms of musical and lyrical themes.

Musically it draws inspiration from the classic songwriters of the 60/70s, but also harks to Aztec Camera and the Smiths. I've been told that it sounds as if Johnny Marr had joined the Beatles / Beach Boys in the studio for a day which is a huge compliment.

It is probably the catchiest chorus I’ve written to date, and it’s become a crowd favourite at gigs (not least because of my anecdotal monologue, with a slice of crowd interaction, before I play the song).

Lyrically, the song is a journey through the life of a shy, introverted person, and their struggle to socialise. There’s never an explicit reason why, but there are hints that they’re hoping for something more (“But I just keep holding on, for a day to reminisce on…”). Each verse is a different stage of his life, represented by the references to different seasons, but it’s in the last verse where our character sees himself in his son and tells him not to make the same mistakes he has made.


1. Come Out To Play
2. Whispers
3. Alone Again
4. Burning Moon
5. Whatever Happened To John? 

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