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Bauhaus Staircase

    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) return with their 14th studio album Bauhaus Staircase, over six years after the triumph of their Top 4-charting record The Punishment of Luxury. The album was born from the impetus to kickstart new explorations during lockdown when as Andy McCluskey admits: “I rediscovered the creative power of total boredom.”

    The album’s first offering as a single is the title track which serves as a nod both to Andy McCluskey’s love of the Bauhaus era & the power of protest art. “I am a huge lover of visual arts especially mid 20th century movements” Andy comments. “The song is a metaphor for strength and artist passion in the face of criticism and adversity. When times are hard there is a tendency for Governments to look at cutting funding for creativity just at the moment when the arts are most needed to nourish our souls. It seems appropriate that the song and its eponymous album were created during Covid Lockdown.”

    Ranging further from the beautiful film noir ballad of ‘Veruschka’ and the dance stylings of ‘Anthropocene’ - a term for the current epoch in Earth’s evolution to the sinister ‘Evolution Of Species’ and the hectic ‘Kleptocracy’ - OMD’s greatest straight-up protest song - the new album is a broad electronic sonic masterpiece that lyrically tackles the topics of the future. The record closes on ‘Healing’ - a moment of reflective calm.

    By rights OMD should be in semi-retirement performing classics like Enola Gay and Maid Of Orleans on the nostalgia festival circuit like so many peers. Instead they’ve created a landmark album worthy of their finest work. Bauhaus Staircase remains unmistakably the work of a duo who are still perfectly in sync 45 years after their first gig at legendary Liverpool club Eric’s.

    “I’m very happy with what we’ve done on this record" McCluskey summarises. “I’m comfortable if this is OMD’s last statement.”


    1. Bauhaus Staircase
    2. Anthropocene
    3. Look At You Now
    4. G.E.M.
    5. Where We Started
    6. Veruschka
    7. Slow Train
    8. Don't Go
    9. Kleptocracy
    10. Aphrodite's Favourite Child
    11. Evolution Of Species
    12. Healing

    1. Bauhaus Staircase 2.7 Demo. Andy 30th Aug 2020
    2. Anthropocene Demo (A Haven For Lost Souls 1.1 Paul’s Track April 2020)
    3. Look At You Now Demo (Zimmer Frame For Andy) Paul 28th Feb 2021
    4. G.E.M. Demo (Culture War. Andy 6th March 2021)
    5. Where We Started Demo (Stadium 6.0) Andy 26th May 2020
    6. Veruschka 2 Demo 2nd December 2020
    7. Slow Train Demo 1.3 Dec 2020
    8. Don’t Go Demo 14th Nov 2018
    9. Kleptocracy Demo (When I Was Young) Andy 14th March 2021
    10. Aphrodite’s Favourite Child Demo (B Side Choir) Fotonovela 2011
    11. Evolution Of Species 2.5 Ruff
    12. Healing Demo (Water April 9th 2020)
    13. Bauhaus Staircase Demo. Andy 20th July 2020


    The Feminine Divine

      It's been 11 years since the release of their last album of original music, the acclaimed One Day I'm Going to Soar, and they now return with this stunning new record. As you'd expect it's a dramatic soulful collection that swings from horn filled stomps reminiscent of early Dexy's Midnight Runners, to synth-heavy and (occasionally) doomy pop all delivered with a renewed energy and positivity.


      Andy says: There are some enormous pop songs on this new Dexys record, which when coupled with Kevin Rowland's deeply personal, sometimes confessional but ultimately redemptive lyrics make this one of the most arresting albums of his whole career.


      1. The One That Loves You
      2. It's Alright Kevin (Manhood 2023)
      3. I'm Going To Get Free
      4. Coming Home
      5. The Feminine Divine
      6. My Goddess Is
      7. Goddess Rules
      8. My Submission
      9. Dance With Me

      Stone Foundation

      B WHAT U R

        Stone Foundation 'B What U R’ 7 inch release includes 2 new singles taken from their 25th anniversary release “Standing In The Light’.


        A: B What U R
        AA: Summer Feeling

        We Are Scientists


          Hot on the heels of 2021’s Huffy (which reached #1 on the UK indie chart), New York indie rock legends We Are Scientists return with their 8th studio album, Lobes. Largely written at the same time as Huffy and once again self-produced, Lobes stays glued to the indie dance floor but showcases a darker, more electronic pop sound than its rock indebted predecessor. Always present though are the catchy melodies and soaring choruses which have become the band’s calling card over their near 2-decade career. 


          1: Operator Error
          2: Dispense With Sentiment
          3: Human Resources
          4: Lucky Just To Be Here
          5: Turn It Up
          6: Settled Accounts
          7: Here Goes
          8: Parachute
          9: Less From You
          10: Miracle Of '22

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