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The Jaffa Kid

Polysynthesis Pt. 2

Daniel Pringle aka Jaffa Kid returns to 030303 with a heavy and versatile five tracker. "Amazon" is a futuristic cut, reminiscent of Gerald Donald's Arpanet project, but a little faster and even more otherworldly. On "Drum Mode", Pringle adds some dramatic melodic layers to a bare steadily rolling kick drum - making it a perfect track for a melancholic rave. "In The Morning", the first one on the flip, is a beautiful, arpeggio-driven electro jam that should appeal to fans of early Legowelt. We then enter breakbeat territory with the droney, mid-tempo "Etafe" warming you up for "Rudiman", where Jaffa Kid lets Lynn Collins' famous 'Think' break run wild in a spooky way. Stunning stuff from this unique and enticing producer! Tip! 


Matt says: Daniel Pringle's prolific working method could be compared to Danny Wolfers or Jamal Moss. Continuously creative and uncompromisingly underground.. the freedom to roam across labels with unwavering support has resulted in a diverse and colourful catalogue which includes such gems as this amazingly varied and highly engrossing five track EP.


Drum Mode
In The Morning

030303 co-founder Freek Fabricius made this record in honour of his friend Floris Bovee who passed away early in 2020. For the EP, Freek took some of Floris' musical ideas and reworked them - together with samples of Floris' voice - into four excellent mid-tempo tracks recall the organic delights of microhouse, with minute details collaged together into a detailed tapestry. It's got a loose swing, gorgeous texture and some really quitte emotional moments. Unfurling at its own pace, but by no means complacent, this mini album is among some of the most heartfelt and poetic electronic music we have come across as of late. Highly recommended for fans of Matthew Herbert, Jan Jelynek, Erdbeerschnizel, Moodymann and Romare.


Matt says: Living room house music that invites you to delve deep. Organic and freeflowing throughout; with moments of blissful introspection and highly detailed sound design. A bit of a masterpiece if you ask me, and totally under the radar. RIYL: Jan Jelinek, Akufen, Matthew Herbert etc - check!


Holle Woorden (emotional Piano Mix)
Floris Bovee (kom Terug Dub)
Zweven Is Leven
Travel Safe See You In The Next Life

A compilation of atmospheric live recordings on a double LP. Twelve serene ambient and IDM tracks by German producer Rave Angst, who let his modular system and Roland TB-303 on the loose. The vibe is moody and production is crisp with lots going on to keep your brain busy. It really feels like we're entering Rave Angst's soul - he definitely did not hold back as this is deeply emotional and - let's face it - often apocalyptic sounding music. The unsettling melodies on the album are strangely held together by metallic sounding rhythms but only just... Rave Angst really challenges the listener on this album. It's all high quality stuff with "A Boy Called Extacy", "Sunday Morning Self-Medication Acid" and "Paralyzed (Dub)" being our personal favorites. "Exist" is a massive recommendation for anyone into mid 90s Aphex Twin and early Plastikman. Essential stuff.


• 01 1994 Video Version
• 02 Mes Nuits Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Jours
• 03 Sunday Morning Self Medication Acid
• 04 Rave Angst
• 05 Cyco
• 06 Constraint No 3
• 07 Angst Dub
• 08 Fader Clich
• 09 Nyctophonia Edit
• 10 Paralyzed Dub
• 11 A Boy Called Extacy
• 12 My Illusion Edit

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