The Primitives

Everything's Shining Bright - The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987

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Cherry Red

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Compiled with guitarist PJ Court, this 2-CD compilation boasts re-mastered music as well as a beautifully annotated booklet boasting rare photos and personal memories from the band.

Back in the mid-80s, The Primitives combined the fuzz guitars of The Jesus & Mary Chain with the pop sensibilities of Blondie and a nod to cult heroes The Velvet Underground. They swiftly rose from being a popular Indie guitar outfit to charting worldwide with “Crash”, kickstarting a craze in bands fronted by blonde female singers (Transvision Vamp, The Darling Buds et al).

Between 1985 and 1987, the band issued five singles/EP’s on independent label Lazy Records (also home to My Bloody Valentine and later Birdland) before signing with RCA.

This 2-CD set also boasts their promo-only live album at the ICA; as such, it offers their entire Lazy output from that period.


Disc 1
1. Thru The Flowers
2. Across My Shoulder
3. She Don't Need You
4. Lazy
5. Really Stupid
6. We Found A Way To The Sun
7. Where The Wind Blows
8. Stop Killing Me
9. Buzz Buzz Buzz
10. Laughing Up My Sleeve
11. Ocean Blue
12. Shadow (Guitar Version)
13. Thru The Flowers (New Version)
14. Everything Shining Bright
15. Nothing Left
16. Across My Shoulder
17. Crash
18. Spacehead
19. Nothing Left (Sounds Version)

Disc 2
1.I'll Stick With You
2. Dreamwalk Baby
3. Buzz Buzz Buzz
4. Nothing Left
5. Out Of Reach
6. Carry Me Home
7. Don't Want Anything To Change
8. Think I'll Stick With You
9. Dreamwalk Baby
10. Run Baby Run
11. Thru The Flowers
12. Nothing Left
13. Where The Wind Blows
14. Out Of Reach
15. We Found A Way To The Sun
16. Don't Want Anything To Change
17. Across My Shoulder
18.Everything's Shining Bright
19. Buzz Buzz Buzz
20. Stop Killing Me
21. I Wanna Be Your Dog

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