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Are You Mine? / Wish I Was

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"Are You Mine?"
I sang and play guitar. Lindsay Glover played drums and Armando Lopez is on Bass. We recorded this onto a Tascam 388. It's a 1/4" 8 track machine. What a bitch. It was always breaking down. We had to get Billy Zoom from the rock band, X, to fix the machine. We had like 4 of these 388 machines around the house. They sound great but they are "consumer grade" man. But I digress. I ended up transferring it to 2". Then I added a harmony vocal with Steve at Electrical and he mixed it down.

"Wish I Was"
I recorded everything on this one in a studio in LA. Kelley played one of the keyboards. Matt Ward (do you know who he is?) played the guitar that appears on the right side of the speakers and the solo in the pretty solo in the middle. I had some nice words but Kelley HATED my melody so I just put it out as an instrumental. Mixed by Albini at Electrical.

All recorded analog and mastered DMM at Sterling by Ryan.
This artwork was done by Vaughan Oliver/v23
There is also an insert image glossy sheet that have the credits on it.


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