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The Primitives

Lovely - 25th Anniversary Edition

    Back in the mid-80s, The Primitives combined the fuzz guitars of The Jesus & Mary Chain with the pop sensibilities of Blondie and a nod to cult heroes The Velvet Underground. They swiftly rose from being a popular Indie guitar outfit to charting worldwide with ‘Crash’, kickstarting a craze in bands fronted by blonde female singers (Transvision Vamp, The Darling Buds et al).

    Lovely was The Primitives’ debut album. Issued in April 1988 on the back of the success of ‘Crash’, it peaked at No. 6 in the UK, staying on the charts for ten weeks, and yet is unavailable on CD.

    Compiled with the help of guitarist PJ Court, this 2-CD compilation boasts re-mastered music as well as a splendid, annotated booklet boasting rare photos and personal memories from the band.


    Andy says: Morrissey-endorsed, indie garage-pop. Those were the days.....


    Disc 1
    1. Crash
    2. Spacehead
    3. Carry Me Home
    4. Shadow
    5. Thru The Flowers
    6. Dreamwalk Baby
    7. I'll Stick With You
    8. Nothing Left
    9. Stop Killing Me
    10. Out Of Reach
    11. Ocean Blue
    12. Run Baby Run
    13. Don't Want Anything To Change
    14. Buzz Buzz Buzz

    Disc 2

    1. Way Behind Me
    2. All The Way Down
    3. Crash (Again And Again)
    4. I'll Stick With You (Single Version)
    5. Things Get In Your Way
    6. Out Of Reach (Single Version)
    7. Way Behind Me (Acoustic Version)
    8. All The Way Down (Beat Version)
    9. Crash (1985 Demo)
    10. Dreamwalk Baby (Live)
    11. Really Stupid (Live)

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