Franc Spangler & Hudson's Choice

Myatts Field EP

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Delusions Of Grandeur

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Jimpster dons his Franc Spangler cap and joins forces with up and coming London-based producer and DJ Hudson’s Choice for a four track EP entitled "Myatts Field". Touching on trippy slo-mo electronic grooves, tropical moods and percussive house jams it brings a more experimental and leftfield sound to Delusions Of Grandeur.

Opening track "AcidMan" sets the tone of the EP with a bubbling 303 line taking centre stage while pitched down vocals add a hint of menace, heightening the psychedelic mood. Dubby FX and analogue synth lines drift in and out of focus and give a live jam feel to the arrangement reminding us of something that might grace the decks of A Love From Outer Space.

"Heavily Percussed" continues offering up a crazy percussion tool loaded with wonky cross rhythms, glitchy found sounds and a hypnotic synth sequence for good measure.

Flip over for M"yatts Field", another slower tempo mutant discoid house groove which takes us on a deep trip into the jungle. Echoing sax and hazy vocals transport us to another world where Weather Report experimented with rolling four on the floor grooves and spacious dub.

Closing out the EP "Roots" picks up the pace with another percussion-heavy slice of tropical sounds which doffs a cap to masters such as Gregory and Osunlade. Steel pan melodic lines intersperse with chiming synth sequences making for an unusual yet hooky club track which will lock the dancers into its incessant groove.


Matt says: Fresh new tropical house flavours for the feathers n face paint massive. Up-all-nite energy with a star-lit, neon-coloured aesthetic. Well tasty.


A1. AcidMan 
A2. Heavily Percussed 
B1. Myatts Field 
B2. Roots 

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