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Ni A Nhw (‘Us And Them’) is a new collection of songs by Carwyn Ellis, sung mostly in his native Welsh. Drawn from his catalogue under four different guises - Colorama, Rio 18, Bendith and solo as Carwyn Ellis - it features songs spanning over a decade, most of which have not been available to stream before. Or on vinyl for that matter!

The music itself is mostly in a folk-pop / singer-songwriter vein so although it spans a number of years and projects, it holds together well. There are seasoned favourites - ‘Llythr Y Glowr’, ‘Gall Pethau Gymryd Sbel’ and ‘Ti’ have been staples on BBC Radio Cymru over the last 5 years or so. Covers include’Gorffennaf’ (‘Luglio’ in it’s original Italian) which was released with Rio 18 this Summer, and ‘Cân Am Gariad’ (Lesley Duncan’s ‘Love Song’) and ‘Hwiangerdd Takeda’ (‘Takeda no Moriuta’ in it’s original Japanese), both recorded with Bendith for their long-sold out 12” EP on Manchester’s legendary Aficionado label in 2017. Some of the songs on the album were previously only released digitally via Bandcamp as fund raisers during the Covid era - ‘Gair O Gysur’ as Rio 18 and ‘Drudwen’, ‘Cardigan Bay’ and ‘Ti’ as Carwyn Ellis himself.

As the album draws to its close, the tunes take a slightly more electronic turn, beginning with ‘Kerro’, from the Colorama mini album ‘Llyfr Lliwio’ originally released in 2011. The CD and streaming versions of the album close with the Begin remix of ‘Hapus?’ By Colorama, an epic Balearic chill out tune if ever there was one!

As Carwyn finishes work on the next Rio 18 album (due in 2024) this is a welcome reminder of his varied skills as a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and collaborator - a colourful chameleon, comfortable working in any number of musical styles, and never prepared to sit still. This collection, following on from 2014’s ‘Dere Mewn’ CD, brings together all of Carwyn’s remaining Welsh rarities, whether solo, as a bandleader or as a collaborator. Ni a Nhw. Us and Them.


1. Gorffennaf
2. Gail Pethau Gymryd Sbel
3. Llythr Y Glowr
4. Valley Song
5. Drudwen
6. Canol Gaeaf Noethlwm
7. Gair O Gysur
8. Ti
9. Kerro
10. Can Am Gariad
11. Hwiangerdd Takeda
12. Cardigan Bay/ Dan Glo (Fersiwn)
13. Hapus? (Begin Remix)

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