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#15 Freex Disco Dub

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The illusive Edit & Dub outfit turn their attention to the eye-wincingly obscure group - The Freex Machine for three fresh cuts of their "Freex" single.

The 12:20 version I'm presuming is referring to its vast extension applied by E&D on side A - taking in all the track's camp glory and thrusting P&P-esque disco grooves for a Loft-friendly excursion into fun and frovoloties. 

The "1982 NYC Disco Dub" sees upbeat organ lines applied alongside a jaunty groove.and drum beat. Finally the 1978 instrumental sees elements of the original instrumental chopped and diced with all the dexterity we've come to expect... plus an added helping of added reverb and delay - remember it's Edit annndd DUB you see! 

Top drawer stuff you won't wanna miss out on. 


Matt says: Edit & Dub are back with more, well, edits and dubs! The tantalizing combination of chopping board wizardry and space echo science has made this label a go-to for those looking for high pedigree tweaks and turns.


Side 1
1. Freex (12:20 Version)
Side 2
1. Freex (1982 Nyc Disco Dub)
2. Freex (1978 Instrumental)

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