Barry Biggs

Illusion - Incl. DJ Duckcomb Remix

Image of Barry Biggs - Illusion - Incl. DJ Duckcomb Remix
Record Label
Emotional Rescue

About this item

Noted reggae vocalist Barry Biggs comes under the Emotional Rescue microscope here with celebrated LA digger Patrick Billard aka DJ Duckcomb remixing one of his cuts. First up is the original version of 'Illusion' which has big pianos over the clean digital dub. The soaring vocal is obscured by plenty of lush effects and melodies. After a version twists and contorts the original, the DJ Duckcomb Discomix slows things down and ups the dazzling disco vibes but keeps the dub dubby bottom end to ensure plenty of dance floor impact. This is a classy one as ever from this label.


Illusion (Version)
Illusion (DJ Duckcomb Discomix)

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