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The drip-feed of LCD anticipation ("Bye Bye Bayou", "Pow Pow") is over and "This Is Happening" has finally arrived. A natural extension to previous long player “Sound Of Silver”, this new set contains everything we love about LCD (shouty indie-disco, killer pop hooks, James Murphy's witty musings, big fat electronic noises, proper sing-along anthems and hummable tunes), and is the perfect circle closer on the outfit's trilogy of albums. And if "This Is Happening" is "Sound Of Silver Part 2" (in the best possible way), it is also packed with influences and inspirations from the golden era of music - the late 70s and early 80s (well, that's my golden era anyway!). Murphy's subliminal magpie-like tendencies seep through as Berlin era Bowie and Iggy ("Drunk Girls" and "All I Want" bear more than a passing resemblance to "Boys Keep Swinging" and "Heroes", while "Somebody's Calling Me" hints at "Night Clubbing"), Eno circa "Here Come The Warm Jets", Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra electronics (check that motorik chug on "I Can Change"), disco and classic US new wave radio bands (all skinny ties and drainpipe jeans) all get fed into the LCD song machine. But while other bands might turn out poor one-dimensional pastiches of the music they love, no matter who or what LCD Soundsystem reference, the resulting songs could be by no-one else but themselves. As everyone knows, all the best bands quit while they're still ahead, and as an album that calls time on the LCD Soundsystem idea, "This Is Happening" bows out on a high. As if it was going to do anything else?!


1. Dance Yrself Clean
2. Drunk Girls
3. One Touch
4. All I Want
5. I Can Change
6. You Wanted A Hit
7. Pow Pow
8. Somebody's Calling Me
9. Home

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