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The illusive Edit & Dub outfit turn their attention to the eye-wincingly obscure group - The Freex Machine for three fresh cuts of their "Freex" single.

The 12:20 version I'm presuming is referring to its vast extension applied by E&D on side A - taking in all the track's camp glory and thrusting P&P-esque disco grooves for a Loft-friendly excursion into fun and frovoloties. 

The "1982 NYC Disco Dub" sees upbeat organ lines applied alongside a jaunty groove.and drum beat. Finally the 1978 instrumental sees elements of the original instrumental chopped and diced with all the dexterity we've come to expect... plus an added helping of added reverb and delay - remember it's Edit annndd DUB you see! 

Top drawer stuff you won't wanna miss out on. 


Matt says: Edit & Dub are back with more, well, edits and dubs! The tantalizing combination of chopping board wizardry and space echo science has made this label a go-to for those looking for high pedigree tweaks and turns.


Side 1
1. Freex (12:20 Version)
Side 2
1. Freex (1982 Nyc Disco Dub)
2. Freex (1978 Instrumental)

Edit & Dub

Tee Scott Unreleased V2

    Tee Scott brings some nice DJ friendly special edits for Edit & Dub Tokyo. Private DJ-only versions that do away with a lot of the vocals and put emphasis on groove and dancing feet. First up is Tamiko Jones and "Can't Live Without Your Love" ("Can't Dub Without Your Love" here). A full throttle, Ste Spandex-endorsed electro-disco monster. This used to blow the roof off Wet Play when it was at Kraak and it's nice to see Tee Scott get loose with the sheer energy contained within this late 70's disco masterpiece. Next up, it's the turn of Sharon Paige's sumptuous & sensual, "Tonight's The Night". With strings and guitars to die for, Tee Scott keeps all the emotion and late night love contained within the original, allowing the instrumentation to keep center stage on this most tasteful of edits. Finally, Damon Harris' Paradise Garage classic, "It's Music" receives a chop'n'dub from Scott who carefully and precisely rolls out a stripped back instrumental which should kill dancefloors and leave aficionado's scratching their heads as to the source of these different renditions. Great stuff.


    Patrick says: Under the radar acetate imprint Edit & Dub drop a second volume of Tee Scott rarities here, featuring superlative mixes of classics from Tamiko Jones, Sharon Paige and Damon Harris. It's all good, but "Can't Dub Without Your Love" shades it for me!

    Tee Scott


      Edit & Dub Records Tokyo present two unreleased killers from proto house legend and Zanzibar, Better Days and Cheetah resident Tee Scott. If the name's new to you, I suggest you dig out all your favourite 80s dancefloor jams and take a peek at the production credits, because this guy lent his mix and engineering expertise to the best and brightest of the day. Make no mistake, you're dealing with a genius here. Up first we hear Tee's unreleased extended edit of Sergio Medes' "I'll Tell You" (total classic alert!), a sweltering tropical dancefloor jam, alive with steel drums, funk grooves and disco vocals. Tee shows his innate knowledge of dancefloor dynamics on this one, constantly switching between the breaks, chorus, verse and middle eight to create a dub disco masterpiece which will keep any dancefloor on its toes. This killer is followed by the abstract boogie of "Diamond Dub", a Tee Scott original which was only available to a few luminaries at the time. The kind of loosey goosey boogie cut that set the blueprint for the likes of Metro Area and Maurice Fulton, this piano led groover sees the producer utilise a squelching bassline, sharp rhythm guitar, dubby percussion and a space ae synth solo on the way to club nirvana. Larry Levan used to cane both cuts at Paradise Garage, so you know we're talking class here.

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