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Prins Thomas 9

    At the start of 2021 I realized I hadn't paid much attention to my own productions lately, rather spending time doing remixes or mixdowns for others or like many others, worrying over what the future will bring.

    I started going through tracks and ideas I had started on but not completed and now as another annus horribilis nears the end I have 2 albums ready for 2022 release, entitled "8" and "9".

    Although I promised myself to never say it I personally think they're my best work so far and I hope someone else will get the feeling of "a light at the end of the tunnel" when listening to these tracks just like I feel when listening back to them.

    There are contributions from the very capable hands of Bugge Wesseltoft("8") and John Carroll Kirby(on both "8" and "9"), besides that it's just me.


    Barry says: A beautiful set of productions from the ever-wonderful Prins Thomas. Inc. some drifty Balearic guitar, rich throbbing bass and crisp, crystalline percussion. Wonderfully modern but with a nostalgic edge, echoing Pt's earlier productions but with a slightly more serene, plaintive edge.


    * Tracklist LP:(Part 2 Of A 2 LP Album (Tracks 1.-6. See Part1 = PTM008))
    7."Evig Ung" 04:00
    8."Layback Rollout" 06:02
    9."Earthbound" * 06:49
    10."Film 005" 00:52
    11."I Love U" 05:33
    12."Tåke Over Fjorden" 09:28
    13."Film 006" 04:01

    Since the release of II, Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas have remained more than busy with their respective solo careers, but work on III was taking place behind the scenes the whole time—slow and steady by sending files back and forth. "There's a different process with every album," Thomas explains. "With the first two albums, we had a door between separate rooms in the studio, so I could open my door and play him something. We also toured together a lot after the first album, and after that experience we realized that we work better together at a distance. We're doing our best work by not worrying too much about what the other one of us is doing."

    Eventually, the bulk of III came together over the last year, as Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas teamed up to craft a lush and lovely work that recalls the hazy atmospherics of Air, the loose-fit jazz of Lonnie Liston Smith, and the genreresistant electronic music that both artists have made their name on over the course of their impressive careers. "Our partnership is very democratic—we never turn down each other's ideas. And if it goes wrong, we blame it on the other guy," Thomas says with a laugh. "The tracks that Lindstrøm sent me this time were almost like standard house tracks. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, so I forced those tracks into new shoes and dresses."

    Above all else, III is a testament to the adventurousness of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas when it comes to soundcraft. Both artists have established separate careers on bodies of work that feature infinite twists and turns, thrilling their audiences with the suggestion of where they've been and where they're about to go. Together, they've crafted what might be their most beguiling and inviting work yet, a jeweled box of electronic music ornately crafted but never losing the sense of playfulness that so many have come to love from them.


    Barry says: There are few better collaborations I could imagine than these two veterans of the electronic music landscape. We get the housey styling of Lindstrom perfectly invigorated with the beachside balearic groove and airy ambient bliss of the Prins. Exactly as gorgeous as you would expect.


    A1. Grand Finale
    A2. Martin 5000
    A3. Small Stream
    B1. Oranges
    B2. Harmonia
    B3. Birdstrike

    Prins Thomas completes the series of remixes from recent album "5" with a triptych of killers from Wata Igarashi, Orbe and Rivet. Dimension-traversing, wormhole diving antics from Wata Igarashi kick off the 12" with two highly astronomical versions of "Bronchi Beat". The first ('Exhale') is a spirally, gurgling, lysergic beast; like the stems of the original track themselves are choking under heavy gravity and liquid plasma. The second ('Inhale') is more introspective, looking inward via seesawing sonar bleeps and bubbling acid line. Hivern native Orbe looks to the stars with concentric arps, bobbing beats and more analogue phlegm spilling from its orifices. Finally, "Æ" is given a Rivet reduction; removing all but the pummeling kicks, creeping sense of foreboding and unadulterated experimentation. So darn good! 


    A1. Bronchi Beat (Wata Igarashi Exhale Remix)
    A2. Bronchi Beat (Wata Igarashi Inhale Remix)
    B1. Bronchi Beat (Orbe Remix)
    B2. Æ (Rivet Remix)

    Rejoice, for here is the latest LP from Prins Thomas, long standing Piccadilly hero and legend of Norwegian cosmic/ambient/house/techno/psyche/ - this is getting silly, he essentially does what he wants and it's always amazing. Whatever genre he's dipping his toes in, Thomas' productions always share a few key qualities - expansive, cinematic scope, hypnotic rhythms, propulsive bass and the kind of epic, overarching melodies that sound frankly ecstatic at a high volume. Operating on his own Prins Thomas Musikk imprint, and free from the conceptual constraints of"Principe Del Norte", Thomas treats us to his most diverse long player to date, gracefully translating his love of shoegaze, acid, prog and funk into a groove-filled sound all of his own. Opener "Here Comes The Band" blasts us into a kosmische orbit with heavy Hawkwind bass and churning synth, before the tempo drops for the mellow and melancholic "Villajoyosa", a brilliant blend of odd acid bass, schmindie guitar and funk drums. From there "Bronchi Beat" drops us into slow-release ambient techno (of sorts) before "5.13" harks back to the cosmic boogie of L&PT's "Turkish Delight" or Thomas' second solo LP. "Æ" gives us churning drugged up disorientation, "Ø" goes off on an Ibizan stakeout while "Lunga Strada" zooms through the German heartland, only to end up in the heat of an imaginary sunset. There's still four tracks to go, but I'm struggling to contain my excitement within our strict word count. You can write your own notes when you buy your copy.


    Patrick says: Thomas shakes off the genre constraints (I've never noticed any to be honest) to combine everything he loves about music into another sonic voyage. Indie guitars, motorik drums, acid synths and techno bass, all soaked with PT's psychedelic touch!


    1.Here Comes The Band 5:48
    2.Villajoyosa 5:11
    3.Bronchi Beat 7:17
    4. 5:13
    5. Æ 7:16
    6. Ø 6:21
    7. Lunga Strada 7:55
    8. London Til Lisboa 8:14
    9. Å 5:27
    10. Venter På Torske 4:29
    11. Aske Hermansen 7:18

    A 1.Here Comes The Band 5:48
    2.Villajoyosa 5:11
    3.Bronchi Beat 7:17

    B1. 5:13
    2. Æ 7:16
    3. Ø 6:21

    C 1. Lunga Strada 7:55
    2. London Til Lisboa 8:14

    D 1. Å 5:27
    2. Venter På Torske 4:29
    3. Aske Hermansen 7:18

    Prins Thomas

    Principe Del Norte

    Nordic disco / house hero and Piccadilly Records favourite Prins Thomas is back, gracing Smalltown Supersound with his fourth solo LP. Here is a little message from Thomas about the album:

    "There's a certain risk some of you are already overfed, with the 'Paradise Goulash' still piping hot on the stove…but anyway, here it goes… I've known Joakim (Mr. Smalltown) professionally for quite a few years now and I've worked on many projects for him, mainly doing remixes like Nissenenmondai, Lindstrom, Alf-Emil Eik, Idjut Boys and so on.

    A couple of years ago he asked me to consider doing an album for him. At the time I was busy concentrating on gathering material for what would become my 2nd album (Prins Thomas II) on my own label Full Pupp and I was not entirely friendly to the idea of giving away my solo material to somebody else's label. However, the possibility of doing something different seemed an option but at the time I had no “different" in mind and I generally try not to force ideas.

    Then, roughly a year ago an Instagram-post and a recommendation of a posthumous release by Swedish producer Joel Brindefalk, sparked an idea. I likened his "Doobedoo Dub’e'dope" release under the moniker Ü’s to KLF's "Chill Out” and The Orb's "Peel Session EP". That had Joakim and me enthusing about those early 90s electronica releases. So I set off on the task at hand, making an ambient album, leaving conventional drums and drum machines out of the equation.

    So that's basically it, a few tracks loosely inspired by the braindance of the 90s and its themes and components reworked into slightly more danceable counterparts. The song "titles" refers to the sides of the vinyl version. Matching tracks up with their melodic partners is up to the listener. How you listen to this album is entirely up to you but I'd recommend finding center position in front of your speakers, a comfortable couch or chair and dedicate yourself to the music for a long hour" - Prins Thomas,


    Martin says: Thomas Moen Hermansen always drew his influences from a broad musical palette, even if at first he confined his genius to the seemingly oxymoronic Norwegian disco genre. It is no surprise then that Mr.Hermansen might want to express his talent in other areas - he has injected psyche and kraut rock into the beats in more recent work; in Principe Del Norte he explores more meditative electronic territories, although consistency is maintained here with nods in the direction of Harmonia, Manuel Göttsching and Cluster.


    01 A1
    02 A2
    03 B
    04 C
    05 D
    06 E
    07 F
    08 G
    09 H

    Various Artists

    Prins Thomas Presents Paradise Goulash - USB Stick Edition

      2GB USB key (including three 77 minute long mixes) packaged in a can. Limited to 100 copies only.

      One of 2015's finest compilations, Prins Thomas takes a bow to the original New York nightclub with his new three disc compendium entitled ‘Paradise Goulash’, a marathon adventure into his ingenious and ground-breaking style. This is a wonderfully eclectic selection featuring everyone from Villalobos , Actress and Robert Hood to Kurt Vile and Sun Araw.

      One of Norway’s most renowned musical exports, Prins Thomas has fashioned a fresh direction for dance music. As with his peers Todd Terje, Hans-Peter Lindstrom, and some of the city’s legendary characters like the mysterious DJ Strangefruit, he has the very laid-back nature of his Oslo residence to thank for encouraging his path, one that has created a global ongoing fascination with retro futurism and cosmic oddities.

      Prins Thomas’ relationship with the esteemed Eskimo label from Belgium began with the "L&PT" album together with Lindstrom ten years ago, followed by the mix-cd ‘Cosmo Galactic Prism’ eight years ago. This project brings him full circle back to the imprint. His unending eclecticism is indulged in heavily in ‘Paradise Goulash’, each disc a gentle wander within the musical mind of ‘the Prins’, enlisting the help of some superior production talents from the notorious Robert Hood, Actress, Marcellus Pittman, Young Marco, I:Cube and Hieroglyphic Being, as well as wholly obscure material unlikely to have been heard before.

      “The music contained within is a willfully diverse collection of music that I hope you'll find pleasing to your ears. Much like a bowl of goulash, not all the ingredients might be to your liking. It is undeniably more rustic roadside tavern than refined dining but I hope you already trust me behind the pots and pans. I have been spoilt for choice by the many fine ingredients available to me and have become somewhat blinded in compiling the final tracklist. However, the end result has now been tested on my nearest and dearest to approval. I present to you, my own special “Paradise Goulash” Prins Thomas


      1. Turns - Forever More Pt. III
      2. Gabor Szabo - Galatea's Guitar
      3. Brian Bennett Band - Drum Odyssey
      4. Aqua Bassino - Ibiza
      5. Claude Speeed - VIN
      6. Sun Araw ‎ - Ma Holo
      7. Richard Schneider Jr. - Samba-Trip
      8. Mistral - Starship 109
      9. The Durian Brothers - Weggeputscht
      10. Zazou Bikaye & CY1 - Lamuka
      11. Berliner Ring - El Amarna
      12. C Cat Trance - Dalbouka
      13. A Split - Second - Scandinavian Bellydance
      14. TM404 - 303/303/303/303/606
      15. RVDS - Nerds
      16. Len Leise - Dance Of The Ghosts
      17. NSI. - Nikita
      18. Wally Badarou - Voices
      19. Jan Akkerman - Tranquilizer

      1. Bj¢rn Torske - Nestor
      2. Actress - Xoul Particles
      3. Son.sine - Upekah
      4. Hakimonu - Cadence 1 / Native A
      5. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 7
      6. I:Cube - Falling
      7. Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes 9
      8. Forever Sound - Glowworm
      9. Odd Numbers - Riviera
      10. Dreamatic - I Can Feel It (Enzo Elia GFR Edit)
      11. SW. - Untitled
      12. Pev & Kowton - Low Strobe
      13. Joachim Holm & Alejandro Mosso - Tre Melodi
      14. Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation)
      15. Abdulla Rashim - Moral Blinds
      16. Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (RV Cock's Black Cock Mix)
      17. Marcos Cabral - Sweet & Sour
      18. Box Saga - Zen And The Art Of Deadlines
      19. Bj¢rn Torske - Nitten Nitti
      20. Les Big Byrd - Roundhouse Blues

      1. Ü - The Subdubba Beat (Stockholmia Glue Mix)
      2. Petar Dundov - Sailing Off The Grid
      3. Louis Haiman - Ghosts Of Gratiot
      4. Evigt Mörker - Högre
      5. Morphosis - Silent Screamer
      6. Sebbo - Watamu Beach (Moritz Von Oswald Rework)
      7. Young Marco - Biology Theme
      8. Luke Abbott ‎ - Modern Driveway
      9. Ricardo Villalobos - Defixia
      10. Zadig - Quiet Orbit Around Gladia
      11. Marcellus Pittman - The Mad Underdog
      12. Stefan Vincent - Fool Me Again
      13. Blacknecks - Don't Dream It Be It
      14. Siriusmo - Liu
      15. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Ma Ci Pensi, Io E Te
      16. Johanna Billing - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
      17. Krater - Labyrint
      18. Kurt Vile - Baby's Arms

      Lindstrom & Prins Thomas


        Following their debut album in 2005 Lindstrom & Prins Thomas have been somewhat busy, aside from all the remix duties, DJ sets and their own individual productions they have manage to get together this alternate version CD for your delectation too. Nine tracks of Scando-Balearic drug disco, which are all alternate takes of tracks taken from the series of 12's that followed the album. Kicking off with the 12" Version of "Turkish Delight", we then have "Claudio", Mighty Girl", "Vrang Og Vanskelig", "Feel PM", "Boney M Down" (Alternate Version) and finally the two brand new tracks to be taken from their newest EP "Nummer Fire". None of these tracks have been released on CD before so don't sleep, here you have a chance to mess with the minds of those already over familiar with that awesome album.

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