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To The 5 Boroughs

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Six years after "Hello Nasty", an older, wiser and entirely essential Beastie Boys re-emerged with "To The 5 Boroughs", a passionate love letter to NYC written in the wake of 9/11. As usual they deliver their irrepressible tag team rhymes, mixing up celebrations of their home city with witty put downs of George W and his policies, and of course their usual stoopid bragging, but this time dropping them over stripped down backing tracks, that give a nod to the past (check "Triple Trouble" with its Sugarhill Gang samples), while obviously being influenced by hip hop and R'n'B's more recent electronic styles.  Four singles were released from the album, "Ch-Check It Out", "Triple Trouble", "An Open Letter to NYC", and "Right Right Now Now", but it's very difficult to choose a favourite on this career highpoint.


Ch-Check It Out
Right Right Now Now
3 The Hard Way
It Takes Time To Build
Rhyme The Rhyme Well
Triple Trouble
Hey F*?# You
Oh Word?
That's It That's All
All Lifestyles
An Open Letter To NYC
The Brouhaha
We Got The

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