Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things Season 2

Image of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 2Image of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 2Image of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 2
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Dixon and Stein return for the latest addition to their overwhelming spate of excellence over the past couple years. Following on from the first series waas never going to be easy for anyone involved, with it's 80's buddy-movie hauntology vibe being perfectly accentuated by Survive's less shadowy alter-ego on soundtrack duties, but series 2 has lived up to that expectation in every way. I know, that episode was pretty ridiculous, but you don't have to listen to it do you. 

We kick things off with the haunting melancholy beauty of 'Walkin In Hawkins', perfectly capturing the eerie ambience of the city streets after the discovery of an analogue hell, hidden behind a bit of your local school. It's a moment we're all familiar with i'm sure, but Dixon & Stein manage to make its duality seem alluring, pressing forwards with paddling apreggio's and swelling pads.  Pieces like 'Eulogy' and 'On The Bus' talking things slowly forwards, opening the filters into an edgy benzoed bliss.

As we move onwards, things shift from a resolved optimism, into the inevitable downturn of a threatened society, with pieces like 'Descent Into The Rift' and 'Escape' providing a darker edge to things, moving towards the inevitable crescentic audiovisual finale. It's a brilliant companion to the programme, and just as much a divine pleasure in it's own right. Impeccable. 


Barry says: Brilliant pulsing synths, eerie atmospheres and soaring, crackling pads. An equal amount of pastoral, suburban meanderings, and supernatural, hellish drive. Stunning stuff once again.


Walkin In Hawkins
On The Bus
Eight Fifteen
The First Lie
I Can Save Them
Descent Into The Rift
Looking For A Way Out
Birth / Rescue
In The Woods
Eggo In The Snow
Never Tell
She Wants Me To Find Her
Shouldn’t Have Lied
It’s A Trap
The Return
We Go Out Tonight
Connect The Dots
The Hub
On Edge
What Else Did You See?
To Be Continued

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