Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things Season 1, Vol. 2

Image of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 1, Vol. 2Image of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 1, Vol. 2
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With its pillowy synth-pads and rich textures, the soundtrack to Volume Two seamlessly wanders through the 80s world of ‘Stranger Things’, breeding an unthreatening serenity with a gentle shift toward a darker mood. Floating between sweeter moments which temporarily blossom amidst the danger and decay, Volume Two is the second part of the ‘Stranger Things’ score, reaching climactic highs as the series comes to an end.

This soundtrack is instantly reminiscent of works by John Carpenter (‘Halloween’, ‘The Thing’), Tangerine Dream and Vangelis (‘Blade Runner’), whilst also delving into the ambience of Aphex Twin and more modern composers such as Cliff Martinez (‘Drive’, ‘Solaris’).


Barry says: Having been entranced with Stranger Things, reading this tracklist is like a 'skip to the end' recap of the latter half of the series, listening obviously makes it all the more enthralling. Moody synth ambience, throbbing saw waves and eerie sweeps. Unsurprisingly brilliant.


Hopper Sneaks In
I Know What I Saw
Rolling Out The Pool
Gearing Up
First Kiss
Walking Down The Tracks
Where’s Barb?
Speak Of The Devil
Danger Danger
Kids Two
Talking To Australia
Night Of The Seventh
See Any Rain?
Coffee & Contemplation
Inside The Black Room
Starts To Rain
Eleven Is Gone
Time For A 187
Something In The House
Still Pretty
They Found Us
Bad Men
Spiked Bat
Making Contact
What Do You Know
It’s Not My Boy
Something In The Wall
Let’s Go
Leap Of Faith
In Pursuit
Breaking And Entering
Stranger Things (Extended)

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