Neil Young & Crazy Horse


Image of Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Barn

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Neil Young’s 41st album and his 7th project since lockdown began. It was recorded with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse in ‘a restored off-grd 19th-century barn high up in the Rockies’.


Barry says: There are few more legendary pairings in the musical world than Neil Young & Crazy Horse (not *that* Krazy Horse of Manchester open mic fame), and their latest has all of the appeal of Young's legendarily vast discography, showing that there really is no end to his musical talents. Another wonderfully written LP from Young & co.


01 Song Of The Seasons
02 Heading West
03 Change Ain’t Never Gonna Come
04 Canerican
05 Shape Of You
06 They Might Be Lost
07 Today’s People
08 Tumblin’ Through The Years
09 Welcome Back
10 Don’t Forget Love

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