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KC And The Sunshine Band

I Get Lifted - Inc. Todd Terje Edit

Oooh Weee, something special from the TK Disco vaults here as the Miami label unleashes the underground, formerly unofficial Todd Terje edit of KC & The Sunshine Band's "I Get Lifted", backed with the original version of course. The original sees the unparalleled disco troupe reimagining George McCrae's funk soul classic with a little more groove and some borderline Balearic guitar riffing. Terje applies some classic edit pressure on his rework, pushing the vocal adlibs front and foremost into the killer loop which forms the introduction to the track. Additional percussion hits hard as we drop into the main body of the track and then Terje just lets that shit roll on and on until the dancefloor are caught up in a mindless boogie.

KC And The Sunshine Band

I'm Your Boogie Man - Inc. Todd Terje Edit

The second of two TK treats this week, this 10" sees the long awaited official release of Todd Terje's classic edit of KC & The Sunshine Band's "I'm Your Boogie Man", backed with the stone cold original of course. This KC & The Sunshine Band classic has been written into dancefloor DNA over the past forty years, with everyone from Greg Wilson to Armand Van Helden pitching a little bit of the irrestible groove to make their productions pop. Superb percussion, a killer piano and bass duet, divine rhythm guitar and hot brass all support the super cool funk vocal, making for an all time disco funk classic. The flipside sees Terje doing his thing with aplomb reworking the track with the kind of floor filling, set killing arrangement you'd expect from the Norse god of the dancefloor. If you're after white noise filters, disco donks and gimmicky fx then take a walk buddy; our man Terje keeps it classy with a good old fashion extension that'll get the crowd working overtime. 

Holm CPU

Fotspor - Inc. Todd Terje / Bobby Spice / Bjorn Torske Remixes

Freshly detoxed after an addictive inaugural release from Beranek, Olsen offshoot Dansbar is back, blowing the cobwebs off another hit from the lesser thumbed pages of the Norwegian songbook. With Bobby Spice, Bjorn Torske and Rune Lindbaek all joining Terje backstage, you can guarantee we're in for one hell of a show.

Our star is Frode Holm, a Norwegian renaissance man who introduced Oslo to bell bottoms and two-tone sofas, prog noodle and wigged out jazz-rock before diving headfirst into Silicon Valley's 1980s PC boom. Thankfully before the AWOL audiophile joined Flynn and Tron in the Grid, he did hit the studio and lay down the criminally overlooked pop masterpiece '.Login'. Boasting the best of disco, jazz, rock and new wave, as well as housing our beloved 'Fotspor', the kaleidoscopic stylings of '.Login' should have topped the charts - but with a solo Phil Collins at the height of his powers, the timing was all wrong. Thankfully the Olsen family are here to put things right with a much needed release of 'Fotspor' 2.0.

Borrowing a little extra load from those friendly guys at CERN, Terje turns on the hardware and powers out a pair of supercharged dance floor reboots on the A-side, in disco and dub form respectively. The disco mix shimmies into view on a killer Compass Point 4/4, firing out celestial sequences, Supernature keyboards and mirror ball guitar while Holm's aspirational vocals soar way overhead. Tropical synth riffs turn up the temperature and blazing horns offer bursts of sun kissed colour while the star grazing synth solo blasts us into distant dance floor orbit. On a dub tip, Terje takes us on a glue sniffing groove mission from Oslo to Kingston - Rio to Romulus. Space Echo and Bucket Brigade Delay clothe the funk guitars, clipped horns and chattering monkey drums in a nebulous haze, spiraling off around the sound space as we deck out the love boat in true Carnival style. Stand still to this? You may as well play hoopla on a unicorn's horn.

As we skip to the flip we say hello to Oslo edit machine Bobby Spice, who rearranges the original into a loose and limber funk freestyle complete with cocktail sipping crowd sounds, balloon rubbing bassoons and seesawing organs. Shaking a yuppie leg in conga line with 'Club Tropicana', 'Wham Rap' and 'Chant No. 1', this wine bar banger is the finest lifestyle choice you'll make all year. The ever intrepid Bjorn Torske takes the reins for the B2, rolling a barrel of monkeys into studio A and locking the door for the next seven minutes. Those percussive primates make light work of the master tapes, pulling the original apart and reassembling it into a sunset spectacular awash with croaking guiro, tropical bird calls and spaced out slap bass. A masterpiece of disorienting dub disco, Torske's echo heavy remix should sound perfect in the sweat and swelter of a midsummer dance floor.

Phil Collins can keep 1981. 2016 belongs to Holm CPU and his bell bottomed grooves. 

Please welcome: 'It’s The Arps!' Oslo’s magic music maker Todd Terje has already gained a wunderkind like reputation for his gentle yet potent productions (we won’t mention the “E” word here) on labels like Full Pupp, Permanent Vacation or Running Back on top of being one of the best remixers money can buy (Shit Robot, Bryan Ferry, Dølle Jølle et cetera et cetera). What is there left for him to do? Establish a label of his own! “It’s The Arps” is the starting signal for Olsen. And what a splendid one it is. Created from scratch and solely on the mythical synthesizer ARP 2600 (check for help), it features four tracks (reads instant classics) that couldn’t be a better follow-up to his 2011 super hit EP “Ragysh”. Towering over the assortment is the laser crime scene called “Inspector Norse”. Defying genres and blinkers, this is finest goose bumps dance music that makes you whistle along, laughing and crying all at the same time – but the rest isn’t half bad either. The short, but sweet “Myggsommer” gives away Terje’s secret love for quirky exotika, whereas “Swing Star Pt 1” and its brother have a (balearic) brilliance and witchery to them that is rarely found nowadays. Powered by Smalltown Supersound and housed in a beautiful sleeve courtesy of Bendik Kaltenborn ( 100% Arp 2600 and 200% Todd Terje!

Todd Terje shimmies into summer with a new single entitled "Strandbar" on his so far unmissable Olsen imprint. The title "Strandbar" means "beach bar" in norwegian and is a pun on the description "Inspector Norse" got on Norwegian national radio ("sounds like background music at a beach bar"). What's wrong with a beach bar anyway?!? "Strandbar" follows 90s tradition by featuring three mouthwatering flavours of the same piano based idea with the "Samba", "Disko" and "Bonus" mixes.The A-side "Samba mix" is ready made for cocktail sipping evenings in the sun, marrying a percussion cacophony with a busy beat tailored to make your limbs loose. The relentless piano rhythm buries itself deep in your brain before Terje drops into a stunning progression with typical elegance. The disko mix is what Terje would've played IF he'd been asked to program the music at the Virgin space shuttle, blasting off with zero gravity squiggles and a synth bass that sounds like "Gotta Be Starting Something" on Qualudes before getting headlong into some proper space disco reminiscent of his remix of Lindstrom's "Another Station".

The bonus mix is... a bonus mix. This is the sound of your summer so get out the Ray-Bans and whack those ice cubes in the freezer.


Patrick says: He does it every time doesn't he? Another classic from Terje that will dominate playlists for the foreseeable, or at least until his next single in late summer. Oh, there's an LP coming soon....

All's well in the world of the Terje. Album sales are booming, the beard's coming along nicely and people have even learned how to pronounce his name. Thankfully, he's not been frittering his hard earned cash away on silly synths and studio equipment, instead making a wise automotive investment with a few extra cylinders for the trusty Delorean. We catch up with Todd in the middle of a driving holiday in the scenic mountains of Italy. Shades on, beard trailing in the wind, Todd's opened her up and let the engine purr in metronomic beauty. Luxuriate in the rumble of the sequenced bassline, the snap, crackle and pop of percussion and those expansive melodies. Moving through the gears like a young Senna, Terje takes us on an exhilarating jouney into the night. All that speed, euphoria and effort is bound to make a man sweat, and "Oh Joy" carries the faint whiff of More-odour in it's wide eyed disco bounce. Zero gravity sequences, phasing white noise and super melodic synth-lines fill our ears as Todd fires up the flux capacitor and sends us hurtling into the future. Prepare for the ride of your life.


12" Info: In deluxe silver embossed sleeve!!!

What time is it Mr. Terje? “It’s Album Time”. Indeed it is. In the course of the last decade, Terje Olsen has ascended from trainee astrophysicist, acclaimed balloon artist and occasional cocktail critic to be crowned Prince of Norse Disco, without even having to release an LP. His exceptional “Eurodans” on Full Pupp announced his arrival on the beardo disco scene, and killer remixes of the likes of Lindstrom, Antena and Studio made it clear he wasn’t a one hit wonder. Next came the slew of classy disco edits, which spread across the web like a low bitrate fire, saving many a DJs life in the process, and soundtracking every decent bar in the Western World for about five years. Since then our Todd has risen to the top of the disco world with a string of flawless original productions which have dominated end of year charts in recent years.

And so now we come to his debut full length, which sees Terje taking a step away from the club to offer a refined home listening experience. The producer marries the louche charm of exotica with a synthesizer obsession, pairs Latin rhythms with Fjord melodies and does it all with a great sense of humour. Old classics “Inspector Norse”, “Swingstar” and “Strandbar” all feature, with the latter segueing beautifully into the rampant Carpenter-esque “Delorean Dynamite”, lending their expansive melodies and driving pulse to the record. Elsewhere, “Leisure Suit Preben”, “Preben Goes To Acapulco”, “Svensk Sas” and “Alfonso Muskedunder” take us on jazzy diversions into an alternate reality of 60s hula bars, with scatting vocals and meandering solos. The hotly anticipated Bryan Ferry collaboration, a cover of Robert Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary” is the only vocal cut on the LP and provides a moment of sentimental beauty as the Roxy Music man’s vocals sit perfectly on Terje’s arpeggiating synths. Mr Olsen has given us that rare gift, an electronic music LP which works perfectly as home listening, and comes fully realised as the complete package; “It’s Album Time” more than lives up to expectations. 


2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

Following his “Inspector Norse” EP, Todd Terje, combining with fellow Nordic disco pal Lindstrom, drops the second EP on his Olsen imprint. "Lanzarote" had the working title of “Cowley”, but perhaps "O" would have been a useful moniker as well, as this track has as many pointers towards that other collosus of electrodisco, Bobby 'O' as it does to Patrick Cowley.

In keeping with both Lindstrom and Todd Terje's recent work, "Lanzarote" is a peak time dancefloor-aimed electrodisco / hi-NRG bomb with an upbeat rhythm and keyboard arpeggios adding little hooks to reel you in. There's even a bit of a Euro rap near the end for extra holiday-disco fun. Diskjokke give the track a touch of Cerrone or Moroder, layering up the synths and giving the rhythm more of a flat piston-driven sound. There's also an acapella and "Krokstapella", which has the rap mixed with an almost samba style percussive groove.

"Hello guys and gals, it's been exactly one year since the first release on Olsen Records, so I suppose it´s time for a new one, now together with studio buddy Lindstrøm. “Inspector Norse” took me to a lot of cheesy places with lots of cash, and I expect nothing less with this new one called... “Lanzarote”! (pronounthed with a lithp and a finger thnap) The working title for this was “Cowley”, let's see if any of you can figure out why :) B-side remix by DJ-turned-mathematician DiskJokke turns down the gayness, but keeps most of the elements for a version even the most serious of the deep house mafia can play." yørs trüly, Tødd Tërje (and silent partner Häanz-Peter)

Unlike some of his Norwegian pals Todd Terje isn't the most prolific of producers, so when he delivers any new material - original or remix - you know it's time to sit up and take notice. And you should definitely be taking notice of "Ragysh", because it's one of the best club tracks we've had in recent times. You know Todd, he doesn't like anything fussy in his work, just nice simple ideas that rock the floor: here we get some nice kick drum driven house music with a percolating percussion loop lifted from Blondie's "Heart Of Glass" intro (I reckon). A weighty keyboard line slowly filters its way to the front of the track before leading the way to the uplifting synthy breakdown. Remember those hands-in-the-air moments from Italy's Kamasutra? This will bring the bliss back! "Bonysh" strips "Ragysh" back to basics then adds extra cowbell and all sorts of retro sci-fi synth noises. Lastly "Snooze 4 Love" transports us to the land of Balearic house with dreamy synth washes competing for ear-time. DO NOT MISS THIS!


12" Info: Please note: no longer in picture sleeve.

Rogue Cat

Magic Journey - Inc. Todd Terje Remix

Rogue Cat is a new side-project from Dean Meredith of Chicken Lips fame. Here he presents his first excursion under this moniker; a mid-tempo jaunt into the realm of cosmic electro-funk. "Magic Journey" is easily one of Dean's best solo tracks - a real masterclass in low-slung sci-fi disco wizardry, with a hint of Emperor Machine in the mix (CL partner Andy Meecham adds extra 'cosmic dust' to the track). On the flip Todd Terje provides a truly stunning remix that takes the track to the middle of the dancefloor. A lot of love has clearly gone into this mix utilising key elements from the original while adding plenty of his own ingredients including his own vocals. His rework just builds and builds with plenty of percussion, train whistles, slapped bass and a general quality 21st century disco stance. An absolute bomb!

With Dolle Jolle, Permanent Vacation present a new artist from the blooming Oslo disco scene. His first release is a Balearic beauty – a "Balearic Incarnation" in fact - the perfect anthem for the late-summer beach party (not on the UK this summer though, unless you want to listen to it under an umbrella). Dolle Jolle's original version is another delicious piece of Balearica (mid-tempo rhythm, spiralling guitar motif, atmospheric sounds, lush washes etc), and we also get a seashore sounds extra bonus track not listed of the sleeve. Also featured, and undoubtedly causing much forum talk, is the club remix by Dolle Jolle's friend Todd Terje. TT keeps the tempo the same, but does away with much of the beach sound efx, fattening up the beats in a disco-house style and adding some nice arpeggiated (almost acidic) key lines. Don't miss this!

Well well, this is a great turn up for a Thursday afternoon. Kaori Inoue's "The Secret Field" is my kind of record, a totally beatless workout from start to finish, sounding like Ashra you get a 5+ minute piece of gentle guitar, swirling synths, analogue blips and a beautiful floaty feeling in your stomach. Next up is "Mystic Motion" which is a touch more drone-full with lilting strings, mournful organ and a gentle Sunday morning drift through a magical forest. Over on the B-side Todd Terje turns in a mammoth nu school disco version that will work wonders on the dancefloor, but for me it's all about A1. Brilliant.

Todd Terje

Eurodans / Italian Stallion

Rumour has it that a friend of Terje asked him to produce the cheesiest, most obvious EuroDance tune possible, and once the extended Norway family (including the heads of Full Pupp) heard it they realised that it was essential this cut got a full release. This is pure non-stop grooving dancefloor pleasure, with a hook so uplifting it even left our own David 'Serious' Walker with a smile on his face! And if you would ever need to flip over (although we seriously doubt it) you'd find a Moroder-style pulsating monster in "Italian Stallion". A very, very late contender for record of the year (circa 2005)?


12" Info: Repressed!!

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