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Steve Cobby

Sweet Jesus

    Steve Cobby returns for this, his latest outing for his own imprint, Declasse. All of the elements you'd expect from Cobby are rife here, gorgous loungey keys, sweltering Balearic atmospherics and Cobby's keen ear for production. 

    Beautifully relaxing, but not without it's twists and turns, 'Sweet Jesus' is exactly the relaxing tonic we all need in these trying times. More fire from the Hull based maestro. 


    1. As Good As Gold 04:13
    2. Chauffeur De Camion 04:58
    3. Samba School 04:27
    4. Lanspresado 03:31
    5. Feline Plastique 06:54
    6. Scattered To The Four Winds 06:06
    7. The Unvarnished Truth 06:12
    8. The Groom Stripped Bare By His Suitor 03:42
    9. Requiescant In Pace 02:52
    10. Truer Than Words 16:16
    11. From Roots To Fruits 02:38
    12. All The Rivers That Rise In These Hills

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