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William Basinski

Melancholia - 2023 Repress

    RIYL: Brian Eno, Max Richter, Eluvium, Tim Hecker, John Cage. Originally released a year after the increasingly iconic The Disintegration Loops, a decade later Melancholia still stands as William Basinski's second most beloved album. Originally released on vinyl to commemorate its 10-year anniversary, we now have this limited repress. Remastered from the original recordings and pressed onto audiophile-quality 100% pure virgin vinyl, this limited-edition vinyl reissue is packaged in a stunning gatefold jacket featuring all-new artwork. It is truly a sight and sound to behold.

    Like many of Basinski's most soul-stirring works, Melancholia began as a series of short tape loops captured in the early 1980s. Basinski then stored them away for decades, revisiting them at a different time in his life, at which point they took on a stunning new sound all their own - one that many consider to be among the finest of the past decade. "Melancholia is probably the best of Basinski's records until now, even if this is hard for me to say given my love for each one of his releases. This music is so beautifully delicate and sad in its auto-reflective moods, it stands right there with everything ranging from the usual suspects in the 'ambient' field, to a distorted damp ghost of Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel put into a time machine.” - Touching Extremes.


    1. Melancholia I (3:24)
    2. Melancholia II (6:49)
    3. Melancholia III (1:54)
    4. Melancholia IV (4:15)
    5. Melancholia V (1:14)
    6. Melancholia VI (2:15)
    7. Melancholia VII (2:26)
    8. Melancholia VIII (3:08)
    9. Melancholia IX (3:36)
    10. Melancholia X (1:08)
    11. Melancholia XI (1:15)
    12. Melancholia XII (7:10)
    13. Melancholia XIII (2:00)
    14. Melancholia XIV (5:53).

    Alva Noto Feat. Martin L. Gore & William Basinski


      Composed by David Bowie.


      01: Subterraneans (00:08:56)
      02: Subterraneans (Instrumental) (00:08:58)

      William Basinski & Janek Schaefer

      ... On Reflection

        New collaboration from William Basinski (The Disintegration Loops), and acclaimed experimental composer, Janek Schaefer. Note Vinyl coming in October 2022.

        Time and duration are core themes in the work of both William Basinski and Janek Schaefer, and this long-distance collaboration took a suitably long gestation of eight years from start to finish. In that time, our collective perception of time has at times become disorienting. “ . . . on reflection ” remodels that instability as an exquisite work of art – one that is unmoored by time or space.

        Limitation breeds creativity, revealed as an expression of minimalism and close focus. Deploying a delicate piano passage from their collective archive, Basinski and Schaefer weave and reweave in numerous ways, forging an iridescent flurry of flickering melodies. The sounds of various birds heard from late night windows on tour can occasionally be heard throughout, ricocheting off mirrored facades, reflecting on themselves as they continually reshape their own environments with song.

        “ . . . on reflection ” looks backwards, a bustling revelry of positive emotions heard through the aging mirrors of memory. It is a celebratory meditation where sound shimmers through time like the light of the sea’s waves glistening as it folds and unfolds upon itself. Created 2014-2022 between L.A. & London. Mixed at Narnia, Walton-on-Thames.

        For Harold Budd.


        1. . . . On Reflection (one) (7:37)
        2. . . . On Reflection (two) (13:27)
        3. . . . On Reflection (three) (5:49)
        4. . . . On Reflection (four) (10:12)
        5. . . . On Reflection (five) (5:13)

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