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White Ring

Show Me Heaven

    This album arrives two years after their debut album 'Gate of Grief' which came after their benchmark EP, 'Black Earth That Made Me'. Swerving from aggressively abrasive to beautifully ethereal; musically they draw from a varied and challenging palette.

    From 'Black Earth That Made Me' to 'Gate of Grief', 'Show Me Heaven' completes the story of loss and acceptance." Asking Bryan about the new album, he explains; "This album is about the consequences of darkness.

    WHITE RING were originally formed by Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia, before they were joined by Adina Viarengo in 2017.
    In October 2019 while writing this album, Kendra passed away after an on-off struggle with drugs and schitzophrenia. She was slated to be involved but didn’t get the opportunity to contribute before her death. Thematically, Show Me Heaven focuses on the aftermath of grief and is dedicated to Kendra Malia.

    With their DIY ethos while dwelling on the outskirts of pop music, WHITE RING have developed a unique style while pushing the boundaries of accessibility and musical genre. They have created a piece of art that is brimming with symbolism and underlying tensions, that seduces, scares and comforts in equal measure.

    "With their distorted synths, gunshot claps and ghoulish diva... evoking a horribly claustrophobic atmosphere." Uncut.

    "Less shoegazers-on-codeine, more Fuck-Buttons-go-mad-in-a-crypt." Time Out.


    1) Light Hours Linger
    2) I Need A Way
    3) They Say Something
    4) Calm Down
    5) Drop
    6) Got U
    7) Fake Fuck
    8) Loose
    9) Dagger III
    10) Charm
    11) Tower
    12) Affray

    White Ring

    Nothing / Leprosy

      Around a decade ago the genre 'Witch House' suddenly took off with a wave of artists producing horror-inflected electronic tracks which caught the imagination of a lot of people. One of the most influential of those acts was WHITE RING who put out the EP Black Earth That Made Me. In the 8 years since the release of the EP, WHITE RING have remained elusive, and the genre tag 'Witch House' has died out in favour of other terms - but the group have come thundering back with the song 'Leprosy', which gives absolutely no fucks about how you want to term it, because it absolutely won't be pigeonholed.

      'Leprosy' thunders on grotty bass lines, which sound like they're strangling the yelps out of singer Kendra Malia. This surging life force may be bruised purpley black, but it resounds with gritty and determined life, which suggests that WHITE RING are back with a point to prove. 'Leprosy' is just the first smack to the chops from their newly announced debut album Gate Of Grief, which will be coming out on 22nd June through Rocket Girl.

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