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The Secret Seapony (feat. Afrahis JJ, Tom Ace & Ulli)

The Secret Seapony E.P

Norwegian Seapony Power! Must have for fans of Sex Tags, Sued, Major Problems and Workshop.

The Secret Seapony's debut EP with 4 pieces of varied cuts. Joined by Hillevåg dwellers: Afrahis JJ, Tom Ace & Ulli. Introduced with scattered morse codes pumped into deep turquoise oceans from the acidic dubmarine. Chiming lost triangles of Bermuda-trance w/ solid squared TB 303-bubbles and deep MS10 waves.

B-side greets nature with an uplifting melodic percussion session lead by JJ´s solid DX´ing and playful muranidaes. Last cut comes with full blesselse and merges into a bliss trip w/ Tom Ace & Ulli.


Matt says: More shamanic house business for our ever expanding section!

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Haha. Who knew a childhood prank would end up being part of someone’s job description. 📦🏠
Wed 1st - 10:53
Good morning. We’re still going and still missing chatting with our regulars and introducing you all to new music.…
Wed 1st - 10:19
A virtual dig in the electronica section. Closed physically, OPEN online.
Tue 31st - 9:43
Available to buy again and still at the reduced price!!
Tue 31st - 7:20
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