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Compassa (Tom Trago & Charles Levine)

The Compass Choice

Enter Compassa! Tom Trago & Charles Levine's (FKA The Compass Joint)  new identity that pays homage to their shared musical influences and dedication to compassion, mindfulness, life and music. "The Compass Choice EP" sees them dive deeper into a love of FM synthesis and a dancefloor interpretation of these mixed up electro-Caribbean-techno-futuristic flavors! These songs, rhythms and melodies are born out of a pureness of heart and designed to bring positivity, joy and a little Compassa magic to you!


Matt says: The tempos have increased since 2014's first Compass Joint but that tropical disco / new house flavour continues to prevail. A deliciously humid palette that makes me think of dancing between palm trees, swaying in hammocks and frolicking across sandy beaches.


Compass Pose
Let Her Lola
Japa Passa
Galactic Clearance

"Trembala" is the new multi track project of Dutch artist and producer Tom Trago on his own self-titled imprint. It’s a warm and sunny ride with the typical Trago edge. First track in the series "Forever Whatever" is a serious dancefloor jam and bulldozes the listener with positivity, showing off Tom's finesse with shimmering synth work nestled amongst delicate but driving percussion and the bounciest of baselines. Timed perfectly a nostalgic motif ties the arrangement together creating moments of pure elation and joy in this immediately recognizable aural feast. This vibe continues through all four tracks, making it a perfectly well-rounded uplifting and dancy deep house affair.


Matt says: After dropping the recent "Compass Joint" alongside Charlie Soul Clap, Tom Trago flies a solo mission across green pastures of techno and house; keeping energy levels and melodic content high throughout.


Forever Whatever
A Shine Through
Slow Rise

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