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Tom The Lion is a uniquely rich tapestry of sonics and songs that get more intense and irresistible with every listen. Sleep is shaping up to be one of the ,most enticing and atmospheric records of 2014.


1. Sleep
2. Motorcade
3. Silent Partner
4. Oil Man
5. Beholden
6. November's Beach
7. Every Single Moment
8. Winter's Wool
9. Our Beloved Past
10. Ragdoll
11. Heal
12. Come To Life

Tom The Lion

The Adventures Of ...

    Perfectly executed chamber pop that hints at everything from Sufjan Stevens to Antony & The Johnsons. The CD compiles all the tracks from two, now deleted, double 10" EP's that were self released by the band.

    The beautifully packaged CD, comes in a hinged wooden box, and includes a bonus CD featuring five tracks from a Solo Live Performance from Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire, a lyric sheet and two prints.

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