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The White Stripes

The Complete John Peel Sessions - 2023 Reissue

    The official release of The White Stripes Peel Sessions on one stuffed-to-the-brim disc. Capturing Jack and Meg at the precipice of international renown in the hubbub of "White Blood Cells," their two live sessions with famed BBC DJ John Peel are arguably the best document of the White Stripes at that time.


    Vol. I // Maida Vale // July 25th, 2001
    1. Let's Shake Hands
    2. When I Hear My Name
    3. Jolene
    4. Death Letter
    5. Cannon
    6. Astro / Jack The Ripper
    7. Hotel Yorba
    8. I'm Finding It Hard To Be A Gentleman
    9. Screwdriver
    10. We're Going To Be Friends
    11. You're Pretty Good Looking
    12. Boll Weevil
    13. Hello Operator
    14. Baby Blue

    Vol. II // Peel Acres II November 8th, 2001
    15. Lord Send Me An Angel
    16. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
    17. I Think I Smell A Rat
    18. Lets Build A Home / Goin’ Back To Memphis
    19. Little Room
    20. The Union Forever
    21. The Same Boy You've Always Known
    22. Look Me Over Closely
    23. Looking At You
    24. St James Infirmary Blues
    25. Apple Blossom
    26. Rated X
    27. Little Girl That Says
    28. Jumble, Jumble
    29. Little People

    The White Stripes

    Elephant - 20th Anniversary Edition

      The White Stripes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their RIAA Platinum-certified 2003 fourth studio album, Elephant, with a limited edition 2xLP version of the original Elephant album released on Red Smoke (1st LP) & Clear with Red & Black Smoke (2nd LP) colored vinyl.

      Released on April 1, 2003, Elephant swiftly proved to be a critically acclaimed, award-winning phenomenon, as well as garnering worldwide popularity, peaking at #6 on the Billboard 200 while also topping the UK’s Official Albums Chart. Largely recorded over two weeks in April 2002 at London’s analogue Toe Rag Studios, Elephant includes such now-classic singles as the GRAMMY® Award-winning “Seven Nation Army,” “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself,” “The Hardest Button To Button,” and “There’s No Home For You Here,” all of which prompted Rolling Stone’s David Fricke to hail the album as quite simply, “a work of pulverizing perfection.”Elephant went on to win the 2004 GRAMMY® Award for “Best Alternative Album” and was an “Album of the Year” nominee. 


      1. Seven Nation Army
      2. Black Math
      3. There’s No Home For You Here
      4. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
      5. In The Cold, Cold Night
      6. I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart
      7. You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket
      8. Ball And Biscuit
      9. The Hardest Button To Button
      10. Little Acorns
      11. Hypnotize
      12. The Air Near My Fingers
      13. Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
      14. It’s True That We Love One Another

      The White Stripes

      Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)

        The first official vinyl release of the unforgettable worldwide stadium anthem remix - both editions of the 7" are limited.

        The White Stripes

        Icky Thump - Reissue

          This is the first time the White Stripes have ever recorded and mixed an album at a conventional modern studio. It was still, however, recorded to reel-to-reel, and mixed to tape in complete analogue fashion. It was recorded in three weeks - the longest they've ever spent working on a record. Here's some more interesting facts about the album, "Icky Thump" has no piano performances or piano-based songs (unlike it's predecessor which was mostly written and performed on piano). It has the most guitar solos Jack White has ever recorded to tape. It is the first time the band has collaborated with horns and bagpipes. "Icky Thump" contains the first spoken dialogue song to appear on one of their albums; "Rag And Bone". It is the second longest album of the Stripes pantheon thus far. Second to "Elephant" with more than 48 minutes in running time. The album's title is a morphing of the phrase 'Ecky Thump' which is an exclamation of surprise or wonderment in Northern England. The synthesizer used in the title track was also used on the song "Telstar" recorded by Joe Meek.

          The White Stripes

          White Blood Cells - 2021 Reissue


            The band's commercial break through, this 2001 album went gold, spinning off the Top 20 Modern Rock hits "Fell In Love With A Girl" and "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground".

            The White Stripes

            Elephant - Reissue

              Recorded in ten days flat, in England's own Toe Rag studio (8-track, valve amps, nothing new in fact since 1963!) the White Stripes' fourth album is everything you ever wanted it to be. Same formula, but with a warmer, fuller tone, but... we're in it for the songs, aren't we? Well, NME nailed it when they said this album's like a White Stripes' Greatest Hits, every song's a potential single - it really is that strong. Who'd have thought they could actually go one better?! It feels stupid to write about stuff this pure, real, honest and passionate; I know you'll just buy it, play it, and allow yourselves to be taken over! Analysis ain't necessary, it's rock'n'roll distilled and it's happening right now. We're very lucky girls and boys!

              The White Stripes

              De Stijl - Reissue

                Named after the Dutch art movement and magazine of the same name from the early 20th century, The White Stripes sophomore release finds the band recording in the comfortable confines of Jack White's Third Man Studios, then housed on the ground floor of his house in Southwest Detroit. This is the album that would propel the band into globe-trotting rock and roll prominence. The on-point covers of Son House and Blind Willie McTell pair wonderfully with both the minimal downtempo somber numbers and the maximum energy explosions of unadulterated power.

                The White Stripes

                Get Behind Me Satan - Reissue

                  The White Stripes’ 2005, fifth studio album reminds listeners of the fundamental nature of their production. While still maintaining their iconic elements listeners can immediately identify with The White Stripes. Jack White trades in his classic, guitar heavy elements for piano ballads, mandolin, acoustic guitar and even some touches of marimba.

                  The Rolling Stone declared this album so “wild, it could make you weep over how pitilessly the Stripes keep crushing the other bands out there.”

                  ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ ranked Number 3 on both US and UK Charts, trumping their preceding albums’ rank on US Charts. The album’s first track and single, ‘Blue Orchid’, became a fast radio hit in the US and UK, making it the band’s second UK Top 10 hit.

                  The album’s second single, ‘My Doorbell’, boasts a piano and drums charge, reviewed by NME as the “funkiest tune The White Stripes have ever put their name to.”

                  Slant Magazine invites listeners to “take solace in the unbridled honesty of simple, solid rock n’ roll” of ‘Get Behind Me Satan’, while Pitchfork crowns the album as some of The White Stripes’ best work.

                  ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ is that raw, foot-stompin’, soulful sound that will take your imagination to that peaceful front porch in some cosy Southern cabin so sit back and stomp your foot to the melodic acoustic guitar, piano, stirring vocals and crickets.

                  The White Stripes

                  The White Stripes - Reissue

                    In 1999, Jack and Meg White released their self-titled debut album, introducing an explosive new mix of punk, blues, and garage rock. Jack has described the album as 'really angry... the most raw, the most powerful, and the most Detroit sounding record we've made.'

                    The White Stripes

                    Greatest Hits

                      The first-ever official anthology of recordings from the iconic rock duo, Jack and Meg White, is an essential career-spanning collection highlighting 26 previously released songs – from late Nineties flashes of brilliance through early 2000s underground anthems, masterful MTV Moon Man moments, Grammy-grabbing greatness, and worldwide stadium chants…the songs here are as wide-ranging as you can imagine. 

                      Twentysome years ago, a brother and sister climbed into the third floor attic of their Southwest Detroit family homestead and bashed out a primitive cover of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream,” sparking something in both of them and leading them to take their simple guitar-drums-voice approach to a local open mic night on Bastille Day. In what feels like a whirlwind, they record and release two 7-inch singles for a local indie label. A not-so-local indie offers to put out a full-length album. They start touring. Another album. More touring. Another album. Folks REALLY start to pay attention. Crazy touring, more albums, accolades, wildest dream after wildest dream coming true. “World-renowned” becomes an appropriate descriptor, as does “long-building overnight sensation.”

                      The same hard work and dedication that The White Stripes exhibited from the onset of their existence is what has been poured into The White Stripes Greatest Hits. In an era of streaming where the idea of a “Greatest Hits” album may seem irrelevant – that an act’s most streamed songs are considered their de facto “hits” – we wholeheartedly believe that great bands deserve “Greatest Hits” and that a large part of Third Man Records’ and The White Stripes’ successes have been built on zigging when the rest of the music business is zagging. Thus, for a great band with great fans, a greatest hits compilation for The White Stripes is not only appropriate, but absolutely necessary. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: We all know the White Stripes don't we, and this collection of their greatest tracks is never going to be anything less than superb. Legendary band, summarised for your convenience. What's not to like?

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Let's Shake Hands
                      2. The Big Three Killed My Baby
                      3. Fell In Love With A Girl
                      4. Hello Operator
                      5. I'm Slowly Turning Into You
                      6. The Hardest Button To Button
                      7. The Nurse
                      8. Screwdriver
                      9. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
                      10. Death Letter
                      11. We're Going To Be Friends
                      12. The Denial Twist
                      13. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
                      14. Astro
                      15. Conquest
                      16. Jolene
                      17. Hotel Yorba
                      18. Apple Blossom
                      19. Blue Orchid
                      20. Ball And Biscuit
                      21. I Fought Piranhas
                      22. I Think I Smell A Rat
                      23. Icky Thump
                      24. My Doorbell
                      25. You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
                      26. Seven Nation Army

                      The White Stripes

                      The Complete John Peel Sessions

                        At both our Nashville and Detroit locations as well as a record store near you, we present the first-ever official release of The White Stripes Peel Sessions on 2 stuffed-to-the-brim discs.

                        Capturing Jack and Meg at the precipice of international renown in the hubbub of “White Blood Cells," their two live sessions with famed BBC DJ John Peel are arguably the best document of the White Stripes at that time. Having been widely bootlegged since their initial broadcast in 2001, these recordings are enjoying their first authorized release in celebration of their 15 year anniversary.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        VOL 1:
                        A1 Let's Shake Hands
                        A2 When I Hear My Name
                        A3 Jolene
                        A4 Death Letter
                        A5 Cannon
                        A6 Astro / Jack The Ripper
                        A7 Hotel Yorba

                        B1 I'm Finding It Hard To Be A Gentleman
                        B2 Screwdriver
                        B3 We're Going To Be Friends
                        B4 You're Pretty Good Looking
                        B5 Boll Weevil
                        B6 Hello Operator
                        B7 Baby Blue

                        VOL 2:
                        C1 Lord Send Me An Angel
                        C2 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
                        C3 I Think I Smell A Rat
                        C4 Lets Build A Home / Goin’ Back To Memphis
                        C5 Little Room
                        C6 The Union Forever
                        C7 The Same Boy You've Always Known
                        D1 Look Me Over Closely
                        D2 Looking At You
                        D3 St James Infirmary Blues
                        D4 Apple Blossom
                        D5 Rated X
                        D6 Little Girl That Says
                        D7 Jumble, Jumble
                        D8 Little People

                        The White Stripes

                        I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / Who's To Say

                          Remember Vault Package #19 with those 4 coveted clear vinyl White Stripes 7" singles from the Elephant era? Surprise! The black vinyl versions are now available! The four singles ("Seven Nation Army," "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself," The Hardest Button to Button," and "There's No Home For You Here") feature badass non-album b-sides, 3 of which are covers of songs from some of Detroit's turn-of-the-millenium best and brightest (Brendan Benson, Jason Falkner, Dan Miller (Blanche), Soledad Brothers), and one of which is a live White Stripes medley of "I Fought Piranhas" and "Let's Build a Home," recorded at New York's legendary Electric Lady Studios.

                          Most of these tracks have been remastered from the original analog sources, and the artwork on all the singles has been improved upon by the Third Man Creative Hive. 

                          The White Stripes

                          Handsprings / Red Death At 6.14

                            Black vinyl edition of the White Stripes “Hand Springs” and “Red Death at 6:14”, two songs that have been out of print on vinyl for over ten years.

                            Continuing in the mission of reissuing the nuggets of the White Stripes’ back catalog, Third Man plays Dr. Frankenstein/matchmaker to two stand-alone songs from the high time of the year 2000. “Handsprings” was originally released as a split-single with the Dirtbombs and included free in issue #19 of Multiball magazine. “Red Death at 6:14” was initially released on the Jack White-produced compilation “Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit” and was later made available as a one-sided single from the folks at MOJO magazine. Both songs are quintessential White Stripes jams and finally pairing them together here makes (arguably) one of the best Stripes singles ever.

                            The White Stripes

                            The Big Three Killed My Baby / Red Bowling Ball Ruth

                            This is a reissue of the decade-plus out of print only single off the White Stripes self-titled debut album. The A-side is Jack White's tempered screed against the monopoly of American auto companies against the accented thud of Meg's pounding drums. The B-side "Red Bowling Ball Ruth" is exclusive to this single and overflows with AC/DC-inspired rock riffs. Re-mastered direct from the original analog masters!

                            The White Stripes

                            Lord Send Me An Angel / You're Pretty Good Looking For A Girl (Trendy American Remix)

                              Another classic single from the White Stripes archives.. originally released as part of the White Stripes Japan-Australia-New Zealand "Three Island Tour" in October 2000, and now these songs are back in print for the first time in over a decade. The A-side is a cover of Blind Willie McTell's "Lord, Send Me an Angel" with parts of his classic "Ticket Agent" thrown into the mix for good measure. Pay attention to Jack White's update of the lyrics to reflect his own geographical location. The flipside is an Auto-Tuned (before they called it that) remix of "You're Pretty Good Looking" that's a peculiar novelty to say the least. Both tracks are re-mastered directly from the original master tape.

                              The White Stripes

                              Let's Shake Hands / Look Me Over Closely

                                Amazingly, these records still blow the roof off, reissues of the first two White Stripes singles, originally released in another millennium, lets hear what Wiki say: '"Let's Shake Hands" is the debut 7" single of Detroit-based American garage rock band The White Stripes. It was released in March 1998, and marks their first recording. A live recording of the song is featured on Under Blackpool Lights as well as Under Great White Northern Lights. "Let's Shake Hands" showcases the early garage punk sound of the band in its infancy. The single is backed with a cover of "Look Me Over Closely," a song written for Marlene Dietrich by folk musician Terry Gilkyson. The first edition was 500 copies on clear red vinyl. A second edition of 1,000 copies was pressed on black vinyl in 2002. The cover for this repressing was a better quality version of the original photo. There was a "secret" third pressing in 2008 with a stenciled version of the original cover art by Dion Fischer. It was pressed on black vinyl and 1,000 hand-numbered copies were produced. Highly coveted among diehard fans, this 7" remains one of the rarest and priciest items in The White Stripes' entire discography.'

                                Exactly.. a very essential reissue...

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A:
                                Let's Shake Hands

                                Side B:
                                Look Me Over Closely

                                The White Stripes

                                Lafayette Blues / Sugar Never Tasted So Good

                                Amazingly, but not unsurprisingly, these records still blow the roof off, reissues of the first two White Stripes singles, originally released in another millennium: This is a reissue of their second 7" release, two tracks, the B-side is 'Sugar Never Tasted So Good', an essential 45!!

                                The jacket is a special double-sided, tri-fold sleeve.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A:
                                Lafayette Blues

                                Side B:
                                Sugar Never Tasted So Good

                                The White Stripes

                                De Stijl

                                  The band's second album, recorded on 8-track analog tape in Jack's living room, was released in 2000 and today is a cult classic.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Darryl says: Detroit brother / sister duo's second album. Fantastic heavy raw blues that bring to mind Royal Trux / Blues Explosion at their best.

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