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The Peacers

Blexxed Rec

    The Peacers are back with their third album. The time has been kind. Three years since they went about their sophomore release, ‘Introducing the Crimsmen’. That second Peacers record was made by the second Peacers line up, after two thirds of the first gang made for the door after the first album. In came Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin and Mike Shoun but, after they’d finished making ‘Introducing the Crimsmen’, singer Mike Donovan moved out of his old San Francisco digs to the east coast and made two solo albums.

    The Peacers were consistently great no matter who they were, delivering Mike D’s irrepressible subterranean pop in a full colour spectrum of moods from purple to blue-black to sometimes white. ‘Blexxed Rec’ is a different time in the band’s life - a second album from the same line up, plus with a country in between them. Also Bo, who had one song on the last one, brought three in for this one and Shayde’s got the closing number. Suddenly, three singersongwriters under The Peacers’ flag.

    The Peacers send out a mad variety of the thrills and chills of modern rock, whether glam-tinged (‘The Thunder Is an Electrical Love God’), psyched-out (‘Colors for You’, ‘Dandelion’), folky (‘Irish Suit’), riding the knife blade of post-garage fusion (‘Blackberry Est’, ‘Ms. Ela Stanyon’s School of Acting’) or pumping the winning strains of their own pure pop sound (‘Ghost of a Motherfucker,’ ‘Bic Sitar,’ ‘Make It Right’) and melting it all together.

    Recorded in SF and Hudson NY with The Peacers’ production ear for small and curious detail in full spectrum, ‘Blexxed Rec’ is a blessed event for all you rock and roll people.


    Ms. Ela Stanyon’s School Of Acting
    Ghost Of A Motherfucker
    Dickdog In Paris
    Colors For You
    Stinson Teep
    Irish Suit
    Blackberry Est
    The Thunder Is An Electrical Love God
    Alloyed Shiek
    Bic Sitar
    Make It Right

    The Peacers

    Introducing The Crimsmen

      Introducing The Peacers’ ‘Introducing The Crimsmen’. Escalating from a disembodied voice to slowly mounting full-band hypnosis, this is a trip into the golden rod days of fandom, a dimension where a T-shirt could change your life.

      Since their first album in the summer of 2015, The Peacers have been gigging in SF and around, woodshedding and collecting tunes for this divinely awaited moment. Lurching back into life, with buzz and hum alight and colours flashing, is the name but the instigators of the sound are almost a whole other bunch (Mike Donovan, Shayde Sartin, Mike Shoun and Bo Moore).

      The tunes rock forth from a jukebox with a crack in the glass, with channels leaking / kaleidoscopic aspects of low-fi life directed back through the wires to form discrete detail, little shadows, backdrops, edgework.

      Whether gentle psych, basement throb, keening ‘Time Of The Season’ nocturne or ground-glass soundscape, it’s all bubblegum boiled in pot, scripted up with stinging street smart reverie and a wink and a chill grin.


      Black Fences
      Haptic Chillweed
      Jurgen’s Layout
      Robot Flame
      Windy Car
      Ma State Fugue/
      Return Of The Roller
      Theme From Sonny
      On Matt
      Aboriginal Flow
      Organ Zip
      A Golden Age
      Snoopy Bag
      Staying Home
      R. Reg
      Child Of The Season

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